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??? is a shady character who appears as the antagonist of Account Loss. He steals SMG4's YouTube password and uses it to hack SM64 and torture Mario. Eventually, Mario and SMG4 defeat him with a bomb, allowing SMG4 to regain control of his YouTube account and change his password.

He reappears in War of the Fat Italians 2011, where he shows up as a robber invading the first annual titular event.


  • ???'s motive for claiming SMG4's account is unknown.
  • ??? is never seen doing any actual hacking. Mario literally gives him SMG4's YouTube password. He logs in to the account and changes its password. That's pretty much it.
  • ??? should not be able to control Mario. He stole SMG4's YouTube account, not his computer. It's possible that he could torture Mario by uploading such a video to YouTube, though. Because it was on one of SMG4's accounts, it must have registered as canon, and then happened to the SMG4-verse Mario.
    • Unless the implication is that SMG4's computer can control reality, which is possible based on bloopers like ÐД gℓђ.
  • He was acting like a scammer, even though he was a hacker.
  • ???'s palette is completely black, although his eyes, sideburns, and other sprites remain visible. He also resembles The Crazy Toilet DudeThe Bomber and The Imposter.

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