???, was a character who only appeared in SuperMarioGlitchy4's video "SMG4: BENDY and the SPAGHETTI MACHINE".


spagetti worshipper has a plate of spaghetti for his face, it is also combined with a model of Rubeus Hagrid.


He first appears after Mario placed the chicken wings onto the totem and knocks Mario out. after which Mario wakes up to find himself tied up to a chair, ??? then greets Mario additionally calling him a sacrifice, Mario starts asking questions to which ??? explains that he was a worker who was trapped since the 1920s. He then claims that a great savior will come to save him which he shows to be the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He and Mario got into a fight when Mario said there was a hole that leads to the surface, but ??? calls Mario a liar which angers the plumber causing him to be hit by Mario who tackled him still tied to the chair.

Mario tries to flee ??? as he was handling an ax trying to make Mario his next sacrifice, but Mario is able to dodge his attacks. But Mario is faced with another challenge, the stairs which were hard to get up due to the fact that he was still tied to the chair. Mario eventually gives up, which ??? asks Mario for any last words. Mario responds back with "suck a D!ck" while singing. before ??? was able to attack Mario he gets hit by a frying pan which was thrown by Bendy. After Bendy untied Mario ??? gets back up to which he reveals that he will summon his Spaghetti children which were his creations. so he gets a plate of spaghetti from his bag and throws it on the ground which spawns the spaghetti children to attack Mario and Bendy. so Bendy takes Mario upstairs to escape, but Mario instead wanted to eat the spaghetti children, Bendy disagrees but Mario does so by eating the spaghetti children coming up the stairs surprising Bendy. 30 minutes later ??? stops reading a newspaper and wonders what is taking so long. he goes to check the stairs to see Mario full of spaghetti, then Bendy pushes Mario down the stairs and it hits ??? knocking him out.

They later place ??? on the Old Man Hobo object pedestal and fix the spaghetti machine. later near the end ??? would meet Swagmaster since Mario threw him down through the entrance since he won't give him any spaghetti. Swagmaster would say that he is the great spaghetti god and to bow down to him. ??? believes this thinking senpai has noticed him.


  • ??? takes the role of Sammy Lawrence in SMG4: BENDY and the SPAGHETTI MACHINE.
  • The fact that ??? (Bendy and the Spaghetti Machine) is calling the spaghetti god senpai, is a reference to the fanfictions of the fans due to Sammy Lawrence as in the video ??? (Bendy and the Spaghetti Machine) wants to sacrifice Mario for the spaghetti good to help him.

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