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101 Ways for Mario to Die (The Right Way!) 50.000 Subs is a Super Mario 64 Blooper made by SMG4.

Sypnosis Edit

you can also call this video 101 stupid clips of mario doing pointless things but oh well. have you guys wondered how to kill mario correctly? then watch this vid!

Plot Edit

This episode begins with an Ssenmodnar 5 logo, but then it disappears, accompanied by Heavy (from TF2) saying, "NO!"

Mario asks SMG4 to make a 50,000 sub special, and SMG4 says no. Mario asks again and again, untill he shouts, "YOU REALLY WANT A SPECIAL!? WELL YOU GET A SPECIAL THEN!!"

So he makes a "101 ways to kill Mario" video. What follows is 101 random mario deaths. In the end, SMG4 runs out of Mario clones to kill, so he finds the real Mario, punches him six times, and then kicks him into the air as the remaining 7 ways.

Deaths from #101 to #1 Edit

  1. Pissing off SMG4(Mario keeps asking smg4 for a special video,Smg4 punches Mario to death)
  2. Showing off(Mario is holding a Bob-omb and laughing at Luigi until the bomb explodes)
  3. Farts(Mario try to grab Bowser‘s tail,but Bowser farts,killing Mario due to a lack of fresh air)
  4. Jumping through walls(Mario tries to jump through the Bob-Omb Battlefield painting at the second floor of the castle,but he breaks the wall and falls out)
  5. Eating mushrooms(Mario eats a mushroom that causes his head to shrink)【the death reason is not significant】
  6. Getting stuck in a pipe(Mario is stuck inside the pipe due to his fat tummy)
  7. Walking into flowers(walking into the flowers at whomp’s fortress causes an explosion)
  8. Teletubbies(chasing by one teletubby)【the death reason is not significant】
  9. Seeing ugly people (Mario jumps off a cliff after seeing Justin Bieber's face on the cover of a magazine Toad is reading)【the death reason is not significant】
  10. More Teletubbies(chasing by more teletubbies)【the death reason is not significant】
  11. Staring contest (against a Boo for 2 hours; Mario's head falls off as a result)
  12. Flying(flying off Bowser's platform)
  13. Piano attack (in Big Boo's Haunt, Mario initially survives a chomping piano attack only to have another piano dropped on him)
  14. Jamming the door (with his fat ass)
  15. Hanging with Slenderman(?)【the death reason is not significant】
  16. Pissing off the princess(Mario got his waist twisted by Princess Peach)
  17. Unboxing(a Justin Bieber magazine is in the treasure box under the sea)【the death reason is not significant】
  18. Yoshi problems(Mario is riding on Yoshi when the dinosaur decides to run off a cliff, taking the plumber with him)
  19. Exercising (i.e. staircase)(Mario is close to passing out after crawling up the stairs)【the death reason is not significant】
  20. Too much chilli spaghetti(In Bob-omb Battlefield, every jump Mario takes causes him to unleash an explosive fart)
  21. Crapping on the rug(Mario craps on the castle's floor,enraging the Princess)【the death reason is not significant】
  22. Walking on the sidewalk(Mario is hit by the Old Man riding in a bathtub)
  23. Reading Luigi's diary(Mario is surprised by the content in it)【the death reason is not significant】
  24. Tasting the rainbow(A Bob-omb shoots a rainbow beam at Mario, making him fall)
  25. Signs of hatred(a fist suddenly comes out of a sign to punch Mario)
  26. Space(Mario is floating on space)【the death reason is not significant】
  27. Shark food(A shark with Dr. Robotnik's head is chasing Mario in the aquarium)
  28. Giving your soul away (for a plate of spaghetti)
  29. Piranha Plant(eaten by the Piranha Plant)
  30. Skydiving (while skydiving, the scenery suddenly changes into a Rickroll)
  31. Doing things naked(got chased by police)【the death reason is not significant】
  32. Humping things(humping a huge candy cane and discoved by police)
  33. Seeing Bowser naked(ooo...very scary)【the death reason is not significant】
  34. Shoopdy da woopedy(a Toad shoots a laser beam at Mario)
  35. Toxic gas(Mario's gas produces a giant explosion)
  36. Going through the window(he crashes into the Princess's window)
  37. Toilet pwned(while running toward a door, a toilet with Luigi on it falls out of the ceiling, crushing Mario)
  38. Lava monsters(in Lethal Lava Land, a lava monster eats Mario while he is swimming)
  39. Bullying(when a Bully bumps into him,Mario is so sad that he jumps off the platform and burns to dead)
  40. Whomped(Mario successfully survives the Whomp, but he is crushed by Wario afterward)
  41. Under the sea(mario is dancing under the sea, he dies due to a lack of oxygen)
  42. Penguins(got chasing by 1 penguin)【the death reason is not significant】
  43. Having your own magnetic pull (everything in Bob-omb Battlefield is gravitating toward Mario, who runs in fear)
  44. Suprises(he is watching bowser’s painting,suddenly a weegee appear in the painting,mario dont got scared,but justin bieber slowy appear and Mario explodes)
  45. Hi-five!(Mario tries to give the hand a high-five by punching it, only for the hand to shoot a laser at the plumber)
  46. Portals(mario ran into a portal in the castle,which teleport mario to the bath tube where princess is having a shower,he most likely to be killed by princess)
  47. Watching retarded videos(Proved:Smg4 video will hurt brains)
  48. Reading a good book(reading a book in the library of Boo mansion,a pingas is appear as a death and took mario‘s life)
  49. Snowmans(a snowman suddenly shoot a laser to kill mario)
  50. Waterfall jumping(mario jump off from the roof of castle,however the water are gone)
  51. Luigi(luigi ask wether can mario sleep with him,mario prefer to kill himself rather than sleep with luigi)
  52. Cooking(mario burnt his ass in the oven)
  53. Zombies(toad zombies killed mario)
  54. Old men (like #53, except it is set outside Peach's Castle instead of inside, and the zombies are replaced by old men)【the death reason is not significant】
  55. Stunting(mario is driving on the rooftop and fell out of the building)
  56. Clones(mario got bullies by his clones)
  57. Using things wrong(mario trying to shoot luigi,but he put the gun on wrong side on direction)
  58. Rollin'(got pwnded by the roller inside the pyramid)
  59. Volcano (Knocked away via "NOPE" meme)
  60. Bullet(mario cant see anybody inside the bullet launcher,when he turn his head,the bullet is coming out)
  61. Rage(mario is playing mario kart with luigi,however mario lost the race,he throw the controller to the wall,but its so bounce that is hit mario by bounce back from the walls)
  62. Disturbing images(mario saw a toad saying“hey mario” in a sound like“almost dead”and he is too scary and jump out of the wall)【the death reason is not significant】
  63. Anouncing the princess is fat(peach punch Mario out of the world in no time)
  64. New hairdo(mario’s head is on fire)
  65. The cliche flagpole(he is falling from the sky,unluckily,his ass got insert by the flagpole)
  66. Happiness(toad has lost his Jb magazine,asking mario to search for it,mario sadi this make me happy,but after 1 second,mario exploded)
  67. Fishing(mario is playing with the fish in tiny huge world,but pingas the shark ate him)
  68. Slap(paper mario got punched by paper bowser,but these hurt dont lead to dead)【the death reason is not significant】
  69. Skinny dipping(mario is trying to swim in the beach,how ever there are no water)
  70. ??? (clip removed all the viewer can make out is Mario falling, the its raping time sound from pewdiepie's Ao Oni letsplay episode 13 and the end of shut up and sleep with me plays. presumably raped by Pedobear or Ao Oni)【the death reason is not significant】
  71. No Steve(mario said no steve in the castle,and steve being annoying)【the death reason is not significant】
  72. Invincible(mario is invincible,but he got pwned by whomp)
  73. Goomba'd(mario running into a goomba but the goomba is so strong that he rebound away)
  74. Turtles(a yellow mario said he love turtles,and a turtle immediealy appear and whomped on mario)
  75. Dogs(mario crushed by chain chomp)
  76. Bridges(the bridge is a trap,when mario running to it,it "moved up" )
  77. Pancakes(mario got flatten by the whomp like how pancake is flat)
  78. Explosives(bobomb esplose in front of mario)
  79. :D Hi(giant goomba hurt mario)
  80. Mario(blow off by the snowman in Snowman's land)
  81. Is(mario sink in the quicksand)
  82. Dead(mario burnt his ass on the lava)
  83. Burn baby buuurrrn!(luigi turn on a flamethrower and burnt mario‘s head off)
  84. Gayyy party!(mario is having shower with another mario without clothes)【the death reason is not significant】
  85. Elevator(the lifts in the castle is not at the floor where mario enter,he fall to his death)
  86. Drugs(mario is killed after he ate doctor mario’s pills)
  87. Cliffs >:( (mario try to get over the other side of cliff to reach luigi,but he failed)
  88. Nether(mario is burnt by blaze in the minecraft:nether)
  89. WTF(toad is saying“WTF"and the whole building exploded)
  90. Mario yelling(mario is flying to the top of castle,but he is inside the castle)
  91. Lazors(a sudden explosion make mario fly away)
  92. Banana(mario got hit by the banana)【the death reason is not significant】
  93. I don't even...(mario humping a guy who is purple in colour in bowser‘s resort)
  94. Are these even deaths anymore?(smg4 and mario cant drive,but they are alone in a car)
    Smg4 unacceptable by catimakittykat-d6z8wwe
  95. From #7 to #2: SMG4 punching Mario.
  96. SMG4 kicks Mario, who is sent flying.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Although not being a Ssenmodnar episode, this video's has a similar concept, and then compensates the long time between the bloopers "Ssenmodnar 4 (30,000 Soobs)" and "Ssenmodnar 5 (WAT O_O Edition)", which is one of the longest intervals between two Ssenmodnars of SMG4.
  • SuperMarioGlitchy4 saying This is Unacceptable is a reference to Lemongrab from Adventure Time.
  • Some of the deaths are clips from SMG4's previous videos.
  • Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid is heard playing on death clip #41.
  • Taste the Rainbow is a slogan for Skittles, although the used voiceclip is from a Nostalgia Critic review, not from a Skittles ad.
  • The guy in the 74th death ("Turtles") might be Derrick, a man who appeared in "Ssenmodnar 6.64 (100k special QNA Edition)" with another man named Alex.
  • When SMG4 punches and kicks Mario at the end, Mario's continuous grunts are in time with the notes in the beginning of the SMB Overworld theme.
  • In the outro of this video, if you look closely, you might see the Game Over screen from RPG Maker VX.
  • The "Magnetic Pull" death may be inspired (or be the inspiration for) a feature in Super Mario 64:Chaos Edition, as one of the events is that all entities/non terrain features gravitate toward Mario as if being magnitized.
  • In Death Clip #45, Using Things Wrong, where Mario is trying to shoot Luigi with a sniper rifle but has it pointed the wrong way, Luigi can be seen as a recolor of Mario’s low poly model, which makes sense as Mario is looking at Luigi from a distance.

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