Blooper Information
Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of language, gun violence, blood, nudity, head decapitation, body burning and bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised! (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

2 MILLION FAN COLLABERATION SPECIAL! (SSENMODNAR) is a blooper uploaded on June 23, 2018 as a video of the Ssenmodnar series. It was uploaded to celebrate SMG4 reaching 2 million subscribers.


Thank you all so much for over 2 million subscribers! We got you fans to create your own SMG4 clips and submit it to us... and we got over 600 submissions! Some of you guys are seriously super talented. Here's a collaboration with the best ones!



Mario is walking near the castle, humming happily. Suddenly in confusion, he sees Luigi looking up, seemingly in awe, but concerning worry about something. He later sees Bowser, Toad, Peach, Boopkins, Meggy, Bob Bobowski, Wario and Waluigi next to Luigi looking up as well. Mario decides to check it out by looking up as well. In shock, Mario then sees SMG4 on top of the castle, making a big, blue magic ball that sucks in a lot of memes, while a remix of Thomas the Tank Engine is playing in the background. SMG4 notices Mario watching him, and greets him. Surprised but concerned, Mario asks him what he is doing. SMG4 answers that he's gathering his fan videos for 5 weeks in order to create a new Ssenmodnar for his 2 million subscribers special. Bob tells him to stop creating the magic ball, commenting that the magic ball will at one point explode, at which Peach agrees on, implying that he is going to destroy the kingdom. SMG4 tells her that the fans worked hard, but before he can finish his sentence, Peach interrupts him, scolding him. A disappointed SMG4 agrees to stop, but not after the ball turns red and starts making an alarm sound. SMG4 exclaims “Well would you look at that” then the camera zooms into his face and say “all done“, and when he is about to throw the ball, everyone that was on the ground watching SMG4 starts to panic and scream. SMG4 throws the ball at the ground, causing a white explosion, and the intro starts.


  1. NtGm 889: Mario throws himself at the castle. In the castle there’s a guy that is continuously take off and on his pants. Mario throws himself at the Bob-Omb Battlefield painting but falls down. He gets angry and tries humping the painting. He gets very angry and becomes distorted.
  2. X (Nintendofan997): SMG4 looks at his smartphone. His smartphone falls down into all of the cast posing in the style of Stranger Things. Mario then falls and crashes SMG4.
  3. LK Sixtyfour: The scenery is action movie-like and semi-animated. SMG3 is in a desk looking at Meggy. Meggy shoots him and runs away from the flaming building and then proceeds to shoot some people appearing to be SMG3's minions. The scene is revealed to be in a television and Meggy asks some of the cast what they think. Everyone thinks it's awesome and Bob asks her to put him in the movie.
  4. AmazingCanisLupus: Mario is driving a car in a circuit, but he crashes his car, making it explodes and he falls from the sky. SMG4 laughs at him.
  5. Zeus KrAZy: A guy says at SMG4 that he shouldn’t spend so much time on computer, then SMG4 reply that it’s his life and the guy leaves the room saying that is really really sad.
  6. Yellow Shell: Mario and SMG4 are fighting and Mario use a Mega Mushroom and he become giant, kand yells "YOU'RE HEAR THAT SON!" Then kicks SMG4, who then yells "YOU,B*TCH". Then SMG4 uses a Mega Mushroom and he become more big that Mario. But then Mario use a “Pingas Launcher” and he shoot a missile, killing SMG4.
  7. AGIA: The scenery is made on Roblox. SMG4 is outside the castle and he says that he exist and then he screams.
  8. Asriel Daronus: SMG4 is talking with Meggy about being her first Ssenmodnar and Meggy ask what exactly happens in a Ssenmodnar, then it’s showed a scene with randomness and Meggy reply that it sounds pretty weird.
  9. ItsMiaDaBirb: The scenery is animated. Mario goes to Bowser's castle and he found Bowser making anime with Boopkins. Bowser then says that is not what it seems, right before Mario’s head explodes.
  10. Akuago220: Optimus Prime is seen at a hospital screaming "MEGATRON!" continuously much to the annoyance of several characters, then turns into a truck (reveals Megatron captures Mario message on Optimus' phone) and attempts to run Megatron over only to be crushed by Angry Moon which was dropped by Luna and Wheatley, the latter yelling at him to "SHUT UP!"
  11. Brewster TV: Bob is making Teppanyaki using presumably: vomit, a rock, and diaper. He makes the Teppanyaki and feeds it to an Octoguy who hates it and spits the rock at Bob, killing him.
  12. KinglyPeasant: Kingly has animated a Star Wars scene with the volcanoes and lava. Mario draws a lightsaber saying "All women... are queens!" The robed figure draws a lightsaber saying "If she breathes... she's a THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!" revealing himself to be SMG4. Then we see it's actually "War of the Fat Italians In Space!" And Fishy Boopkins is watching it with Hatsune Miku.
  13. Alex Spider [スパイダー]: Alex and Meggy splat all the Inklings on the rival team, but Mario decides it would be funny to use Alex's Rainmaker as a trumpet. Alex gets mad and tells Mario to "stop playing around with the Rainmaker and get moving!" only for his brother SniperTheFox to splat him and Meggy. Mario just looks on with his derpy face.
  14. Greenhat64: SMG4 seeks his way to the trash can and then proceeds to throw away Mario's spaghetti and Mario stops SMG4 from Throwing away his spaghetti and scares SMG4.
  15. mrbenio: The scene starts with Fishy Boopkins singing Willy Wonka's 'World of Imagination' song while various models of anime ladies in their lingerie slide across the screen. He then gets freaked out by Alien Princess Glerp, waking him up. A purple Kirby is seen next to Glerp in reality.
  16. Chako Magicant: SMG4 challenges Mario to use the super moon jump hack over the gulch. Mario attempts but fails. The scene cuts to SMG4 challenging Mario to use the super moon jump over the castle. Mario, having broken his legs and being forced to use a wheelchair, proceeds to throw SMG4 off the roof.
  17. Dav64: When Mario is eating the golden spaghetti, Sir Shootsalot appears and then smacks Mario into a wall.
  18. dshaynie: Mario tries to open the door to the castle's lower hallway. Luigi shows up and Mario has the idea to use Luigi's head (literally) to ram the door, but stops at the last second to see Fishy Boopkins with a Peach waifu pillow claiming it isn't what it looks like.
  19. Crispy Toast: Papyrus wants to season spaghetti but Mario steals it causing Papyrus to shocked. Mario says he gets it all to himself but it turns out he got pizza and Mario explodes.
  20. Issa_Bass: Toad sings Don't stop Believin' by Journey.
  21. Weegeenik: Weegeenik questions who stole his McDonalds fries. Meggy says she doesn't like fries. Peach says she doesn't like fast food. Mario says it was Toad. Toad says it WAS him, holding the fries. Angered, Weegeenik hits Toad with a baseball bat.
  22. Super James YT: Moments With Steve shows up and Steve says hi guys showing how 2 make weapons Steve puts down his crafting bench down and Steve makes a sniper rifle from a stick and two diamonds. Steve says Yahweh.
  23. YTMasterDaniel: Mario wants to ask Boopkins if he wants to play Monopoly. He sees Boopkkins and Luigi looking at waifu pillows. Luigi asks Mario not to tell mama.
  24. Geofcraze634: Geofcraze tells the class that "YOU ARE MINE NOW! YOU BELONG TO ME!" SMG4 says "SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT" Geofcraze says "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE YOUR MOMMIES FROM BEHIND YOU ANYMORE TO WIPE YOUR LITTLE TUSHIES!" Meggy is extremely confused while baby crying can be heard in the background. Geofcraze says "Oh no, it's time now to turn this MUSH into MUSCLES!" Bowser shets himself and Boopkins says "I like turtles!" then explosion.
  25. GlitchyMario64: Five Marios dance around in space while SMG4 just does not care what's happening around him.
  26. ArcticNight: Mario making love with spaghetti on a bed. Bob asks Arctic what he thinks of the office to which he replies "it uh... it's great Bob."
  27. ElectricFury: Yoshi commits tax fraud then raps about it and then gets killed by police officer's rocket launcher.
  28. LizzieRatcicle: Bob calls Marie a lazy a** sloth. Triggered, Marie crushes Bob with a rock. SMG4, Meggy, Clauds, Ralph, and Callie stare slack jawed. Ralph asks what the hell just happened and Callie says she has no idea.
  29. JackLuigi1: A Club Penguin skit. Mario says he's hungry. A guy says he already ate all the food. Mario hallucinates thinking the guy is food. Mario chases the guy as he runs away from him.
  30. Ouoyupot: Minecraft skit. Screaming sun in place of the sun from Teletubbies. Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La-La, Po... where's Po? Oh, pole dancing for cash. And Fishy Boopkins is there.
  31. Drago: Luigi is wearing the helmet of the warrior. In their town he is Dovahkiin. Dragonborn! "NINTEN" but Sniper interrupts and says "No. It's just Chuck Testa."
  32. Luke Salmen: Hell advertising for the Hell Sawcycle, which can cut through anything. Mario tries it and nearly runs over the advertiser, but then the To Be Continued meme shows up.
  33. Meneer en mevrouw trein: Luigi and Daisy's wedding. Mario says it's boring, them steals SMG4's hat and throws it at a question block, spawning Bowser who kidnapped Daisy. Luigi says "Oh well" then proceeds to suck off a mannequin (with a small Luigi on the crotch area) while Mario shouts "GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!"
  34. PrivateYayaz: SMG4 receives a message from YouTube saying that the terms of service and privacy policy have been updated. He says it's probably nothing at first, but then every website gives him an email telling him the same thing. Confused, SMG4 answers the door to find Super Mario 64-styled personifications of YouTube, Discord and Twitter who demand that SMG4 read their new privacy policy.
  35. Chino Spike: SMG4's birthday party. Mario gives him a gift, which is the middle finger. SMG4 chases Mario.
  36. Datnintendo Gamer: Captain Falcon orders food from Waluigi's taco stand. Mario steals his car and rams Fishy Boopkins. Fishy Boopkins calls his dad Joe who smacks Mario and puts him in a hospital.
  37. Bruh3: Bowser is pole dancing to a cow, Fishy Boopkins, and Pyro. Mario approves.
  38. BladerSaiyan: SMG4 on the roof of the Castle and says: “Another day, another dose of memes”, then Mario fly's naked into the sky and SMG4 says: “I stand corrected”.
  39. NationOfOranges696: Mario says "Imma gonna fly for you" to the viewers before taking off into the sky as a helicopter by spinning. He passes through 3 buildings in the city, before hitting 5 other people (SMG4, Shy Guy, Toad, and 2 other color coded Marios). He then flies off into space, where he passes by various objects such as spaghetti and spaceships. He then lands back on Earth, where he says "Hey, that's-a pretty good", before he was hit by a cardboard box car, driven by Garfield.
  40. LucaFerro10: Mario was walking around pallet town singing “When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie”. An Old Man Hobo appears & then says “Sometimes I dream about” (I think I misheard it lol) Mario then gets shocked and then he says “LET'S BATTLE!!!” ending up the old man hobo in a Pokémon battle. The old man hobo sends out his Charizard while Mario sent out his Pikachu. Mario tells his Pikachu to use thunderbolt, but before he finished his sentence, Pikachu says “NO!!!” and then runs away from mario while the old man hobo said flying on his Charizard ”Nice job dick face”.
  41. Humane Garbage: Mario and SMG4 use the Lion Slash with their katana on each other. SMG4 is the first seen to be hit. Mario's head falls off.
  42. MarioSonicKirbyFan15: SMG4, Luigi, Meggy, and Mario are getting beat up by SMG3's Stocking Stuffer. He gets hit by a rock and is sent blasting off like Team Rocket Trio in Pokémon. the first 3 characters mentioned look at Mario who threw the rock.
  43. Leo Does A Thing: Animated the lines Kevin provided to the fans.
  44. StupidMarioBros1Fan: A recreation the Obi Wan Kenobi vs Anakin Skywalker scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith but with the twist of Mario (playing Skywalker) stripping and stabbing SMG4 (playing Kenobi) from behind.
  45. The Blunder Twins: In a parody of the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" segments from Animaniacs, Papyrus eating Spaghetti with Nintendo's Mario is shown to be a good idea, but doing the same with SMG4's Mario is a bad idea. The camera then cuts to a naked Mario dancing on a plate of spaghetti, making Michaelangelo screams, while SMG4 just stands there , the song "Last Surprise" from Persona 5 video game is heard.
  46. Remi Mixer: Meggy, Remi, and Waluigi are drinking tea. Mario slams into Remi's chair, causing him to dramatically lose grip of his cup and it shatters on the floor. He hits Mario with the Splat roller, who flies into Lemmy's airship and explodes (killing Mario, Lemmy and unnamed sunglasses Inkling).
  47. ElcaCominer: Mario opens a Door and sees Baldi in the building. Baldi then says “Oh” and the screen shows a dead body of Dr. Kleiner. Mario then closes the door and a yellow bomb appears blowing up the building.
  48. SuperRhys217: Mario throws a green shell at SMG4. SMG4 screams in pain and says: “What the hell is wrong with you?!”. Mario then says: “That-a makes me so happy, I'm-a light headed!” and then Mario's head flies off of him and says “Wheeeeeeeeee”. A black screen then shows up with the sentence “And that's how the Giant floating Mario Head was born" with sped up Kirby music.
  49. SuicidalLuigi667: SMG3 pushed SMG4 on the wall and about to get near to him. He called SMG4 hunkboy4 and made him blush. SMG4 asked what is he doing and got slapped. SMG3 said "kiss me glitchy daddy..." to kissed him. It turned out to be Luigi writing a fanfiction about between SMG3 and SMG4 being gay and said "And then they all kiss and get-a super pregnant! The end!".
  50. Mario28037: SMG4 make a bet with Mario if he can talk to that chick over there, but Mario doesn't want to or else SMG4 won't give his life time supply of spaghetti. Mario decided to seduce the chick and it turned out to be Waluigi wearing a woman disguise, which made him shocked. Mario and Waluigi screaming at the end.
  51. Jayty07: Bowser crashes the car, then he tried to explain, but Mario takes out a "Spaghetti Maker". After Mario press the button, Crazy Hand appears, but Mario shoots him with a shotgun, and shouts "Gotcha b*tch!".
  52. MightTheSprite: SMG4 enters Mario's room, then asks Mario than if he wanna go to the store. But Mario seems to have kidnapped Peach and have placed a spaghetti plate in her face. SMG4 lefts the room and then Mario asks the princess than where both we, but Peach screams.
  53. SlamGenre: Mario takes Toad and places him in the floor. Mario then takes out a golf stick and hits Toad's head. Toad's head flies toward SMG4's face and hits it, and he got triggered.
  54. Weegeepie: Luigi says hello to everyone, but they are being retarded. Luigi gets in shock, then the camera shows SMG4 saying "..Guys.. ..GUYS!! I JUST REACHED 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!". Everyone gets surprised and then starts dancing, throwing all to the floor.
  55. BlazingAnimations: SMG4 and SMG3 are fighting. Then the world explodes (taking a cutscene of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3) and SMG3 gets defeated. The background music is You Say Run from My Hero Academia.
  56. Man of Voices: Mario was eating spaghetti. Peach says Mario. Mario says "What is it?". Peach says "Garbage day" and throws a garbage bag at Mario. Mario has an idea when SMG4 pass by. Mario says "Hey stinky!" and trows the garbage bag at SMG4. SMG4 brings the garbage bag to the big trash bin and says "Stupid Mario... Making me take out the trash". As soon as SMG4 throws the garbage bag away, Tinky Winky comes out and says "Oh don't make me bad now", and SMG4 screams.
  57. Blazer: Blazer asks SMG4 if he wanna play some video games, and SMG4 says "Sure, What game did you have in mind?". Then Blazer says "Only the best game ever" and shows Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning for Nintendo Switch, while he says "Baldi's Basics!". But SMG4 holds a shotgun and says "KIDS GON' DIE TONIGHT!". He destroys the game and apparently kills Blazer before screams "B*TCH!"
  58. SuperSaltyGamers: More Mario's dancing and SMG4 again does not care what's happening around him.
  59. DORbell: Bob tries to eat spaghetti, but Mario enters the room. Bob tries to say Mario that he can talk about that, but Mario attacks him and Bob screams "Ow my ass". Mario throws Bob away from the castle and takes the spaghetti plate.
  60. MrPr1993: In a twist where SMG4's channel became a complete failure, SMG4's new "hose" is seen from the outside, but the chimney falls. Mario asks SMG4 why they are living in a dump, but SMG4 says "I TOLD YOU A MILLION TIMES! WE WENT BANKRUPT!". But Mario does not understand it and says a lot of meaningless things, believing they were rich and could go buy 700 Happy Meals, despite SMG4 claiming they're at -12 subscribers. He finally (apparently) understands it and his illusions gets destroyed after SMG4 tells him they’re out of cake.
  61. Monarch Boo: SMG4 says "Where's my burrito?!", but he finally finds them. He takes it and almost bites it, but the burrito shows two eyes; it was alive. SMG4 looks that six more anthropomorphic burritos are looking at him. SMG4 tries to explain it, but the burritos finally attacks him. A person that was outside the store tries to leave, but SMG4 is thrown out of the store and crashes into the screen, falling in the floor.
  62. GameCubeDude300: Papyrus tries to get help saying that his spaghetti has been stolen, but obviously Mario was the culprit. Sans appears and opens his eye, but Mario says "You don't scare Mari-". Mario is finally seen dead, burning and impaled by numerous objects in his butt. Sans tries to tell a joke, but Papyrus is not happy; he was angry.
  63. MonarchBoo: SMG4, Luigi and Mario is seen flying in a helicopter, but Mario falls from the helicopter. Mario is seen dancing in the street with a derp face and wearing SMG4's clothes, along with Fishy Boopkins and a Anime girl. Finally Luigi and SMG4 arrives at the Bowser's lair. Bowser demands the diamonds or they will never get Peach back, but SMG4 says "Nah, f*ck you". This causes Bowser and Kamek to faint.
  64. Cartoonosaurus Rex: Toad appears running, then he finds GameCube and takes it to his house. Toad is seen humping the GameCube until Toadette appears asking for her shoes. She gets in shock before Toad says "I can explain" and the clip ends.
  65. ElTacoMiner: A remake of the transformation scene from SMG4: Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers, done in a paint program. 
  66. Omega7321: Mario tries to open a door. He finally breaks the door and enters SMG4's room. He says "HEY MAN! WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? IS THAT A VIDEO GAME?", but SMG4 says "THERE IS NO TIME TO EXPLAIN! GRAB A CONTROLLER". Then a random fight game starts, and finally Fishy Boopkins is seen with a pillow. SMG4 and Mario breaks the wall and they corners Fishy Boopkins. He tries to explain before the clip ends.
  67. Bowser Bros: Bowser is sitting in his castle, when he hears Peach Toadstool screaming outside his window. He then goes to stand next to Peach, who reveals herself to be Mario, much to Bowser's dismay.
  68. wMTF2: A soldier is seen in the floor saying "Oh no!". Then a bandit can be seen laughing, but Mario finally arrives. He, flying and making airplane noises, finally goes late, with Meggy defeating the bandit. The bandit says a lot of inexplicable words before the clip ends.
  69. Foxley: Mario comes in and says: “And That, Fellas, was the 2 million Ssendmonar special!” Mario says: “Hey that was pretty good. That makes me so happy! Ok bye-bye! See you next time!” The cast comes together with Waluigi, Bowser, Toad, Luigi, Sonic, Sportacus and Dr. Eggman. Lakitu says: “That was good footage”.


SMG4 complements his collab, but fails to notice everyone lying lifeless on the ground, and the fact that The Mushroom Kingdom (which is now a rotting wasteland) is starting to burn.


Kevin and Luke then appear to thank everyone who made their entries and congratulate those whose videos made it into the final video.

Cultural References

  • The giant ball of memes that SMG4 creates at the beginning of the episode is simialr to the Spirit Bomb technique from the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • Skit 2 references the intro from Stranger Things.
  • Skit 10 has Optimus Prime and his arch-nemesis Megatron from Transformers. The angry moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask also appears, being used to crush Optimus.
  • Both Skit 12 and 44 recreate the fight scene with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. In Skit 12, Mario portrays Kenobi and SMG4 portrays Skywalker, whereas in Skit 44, the roles are reversed.
    • Additionally, the animation used when Skywalker stabs Kenobi in Skit 44 is similar to the one used in the tie-in video game's alternate ending, where Anakin kills Obi-Wan and later the Emperor, and takes control of the galaxy.
  • Skit 63 is a possible parody of Grand Theft Auto.
  • Sportacus from Lazytown appears in the final skit.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

Skit Characters


This episode (possibly) has the largest number of deaths in the series.

  • Before the Skit 1 starts, SMG4 kills everyone with his Spirit Bomb.
  • Skit 3: SMG3 and his minions got shot by Meggy (TV only).
  • Skit 6: SMG4 gets shot by Mario's pingas Launcher.
  • Skit 9: Mario's head exploded after he sees Bowser and Boopkins making the anime.
  • Skit 10:
    • Optimus Prime got crushed by Angry Moon.
    • Mario got crushed by Megatron's leg. (offscreen)
  • Skit 11: Octoguy kills Bob with rock.
  • Skit 13: Alex and Meggy got splat by SniperTheFox.
  • Skit 19: Mario exploded after he got pizza.
  • Skit 24: Boopkins says "I like turtles" and exploded killing everyone.
  • Skit 27: Yoshi got blasted by officer.
  • Skit 32: Advertiser got ran over by Hell Sawcycle rode by Mario. (offscreen)
  • Skit 39: Mario got ran over by Garfield's cardboard car.
  • Skit 41:
    • SMG4 got stabbed by Mario.
    • Mario got beheaded by SMG4.
  • Skit 42: SMG3 got blasted off by Mario.
  • Skit 44: SMG4 got stabbed by Mario.
  • Skit 46: Remi hit Mario with his Splat Roller and Mario crashed Lemmy's airship, killing Lemmy, Mario and unnamed sunglasses Inkling.
  • Skit 47:
    • Dr. Kleiner was killed by Baldi. (offscreen)
    • Baldi dies in the building explosion.
  • Skit 51: Crazy Hand got shot by Mario.
  • Skit 53: Toad gots beheaded by Mario. (offscreen)
  • Skit 57: Blazer got shot by SMG4.
  • Skit 59: Bob got thrown to window by Mario.
  • Skit 62: Mario got roasted by Sans.


  • This is SMG4's first collab video.
  • This is the fourth-longest SMG4 video, being beaten out by SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, SMG4: 3 MILLION SUB FAN COLLABORATION!, and SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny.
  • The video has 69 skits.
  • This is the first episode to have an updated version of the credits music with a better sound quality.
  • This is possibly the last episode were Peach Toadstool appeared among SMG4's Gang at the beginning of the video before she retired.
  • In the intro skit, SMG4 references Dragon Ball's Spirit Bomb.
  • According to the video description, more than 600 entries have been submitted overall.
  • This is the first time Shy Guy shouted his famous "Yeah toast!" catchphrase since 2017's "SMG4: Stupid Mario World".
  • In the skit made by ArcticNight, when Mario is having a sexual moment with Spaghetti, he says "Ready for my Pee-Pee?". This sound clip comes from Jeffy of SuperMarioLogan. The channel's most infamous character.
  • There is probably a reason that the Jeffy sound clip is used. SuperMarioLogan is loved by many fans and the channel has about 5 Million Subscribers. Most people want a crossover between SML and SMG4 and according to the SML Wiki. Luke Lerdwichagul (Real Life SMG4) would be voicing Waluigi in the SML Movie.
  • A remixed version of the song "Bein' Friends" from EarthBound Beginnings on the NES can be heard from Chako Magicant's entry.
  • Lakitu's phrase “That was good footage” at the end of Foxley's skit is a reference to the same phrase that he says at the end of SMG4's first video “The Cake Is a Lie!“.
  • When Mario is asked to use the super moon jump on the castle this could be a reference to the blooper Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Castle Jumping = Time Tavelling = Zombies the first video where X is introduced and Future Mario
  • ElectricFury's skit is a reference to the "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud" meme.
  • In NationOfOranges696's skit, there is a billboard with Garfield that says "Where's the lasaga, Jon". The usage of the word "lasaga" is a reference to the "Garfielf" meme.
  • The Blunder Twins' skit references the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" segments from Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs.
  • The segment by MRPR1993 is a parody of Sausage Party and The Annoying Orange, though it could also parody VeggieTales.
  • Because this video was created by multiple people, some skits contain characters in a form never used by SMG4.
  • During the segment by GameCubeDude200, the title used is "GameCubeDude300." However, the GameCubeDude300 channel was deleted in August 2017, and the collab entry was posted on his GameCubeDude200 channel.
    • However, GameCubeDude jokingly said he wanted to copystrike his entry in a Reaction Stream.
    • This maybe because GameCubeDude300 is another person that uploads the real GCD's videos. When submitting the collab entry, the Real GameCubeDude (known as GameCubeDude100) asked GCD300 to change the title to "GameCubeDude100" but GCD300 might've forgotten.
  • The scream that Mario uses in Greenhat64's skit is the normal scream sound from Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
  • SuperRhys217's skit references the 'Bart Hits Homer With A Chair' meme.
  • Mario28037's skit references anime traps.
    • And the same goes for the Bowser Brothers' skit.
  • Introverted Thespian's skit references SMG4's video SMG4: Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers.
  • Foxley's channel was deleted on July 23, 2018.
  • StupidMarioBros1Fan is pretty famous in SMG4's channel history and SMB1F's own channel. SMB1F used to make several mods of games such as SM64 and others. He became famous for modding SMG4 and Fishy Boopkins into New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Tons of his mods were showcased in Hobo Bros. videos. Some of the custom models for characters used in SMG4's videos are made by SMB1F and some of the others are made by SM64 ROM Hacker Kaze Emunar.
  • There are differences in Omega7321's collab entry. During the scene where Mario & SMG4 breaks the wall and meets Boopkins, in the entry uploaded on YouTube, Mario says "WUT'S GUUD N*GGA?!" while in SMG4's Collab, Mario says "WUT'S GUUD B*OTCH?!".
  • MarioSonicKirbyFan15 is a huge SMG4 fan. His question for the SMG4 Trivia was read by Luke and Kevin. (Q: In The Mario Challenge, who were the last few to make it to the elevator?). He also made fan art for War Of The Fat Italians on DeviantArt.
  • In Meneer en mevrouw trein's collab entry, when the question block is about to spawn Bowser, Virginian YouTuber, Nathaniel Bandy can be seen with his head on scuttlebug legs that appears briefly on the block. This is a reference to a joke used by Minus World (a Nintendo group that features SMG4, KevDev (Kevin of Hobo Bros), Nathaniel Bandy, Simpleflips, Swankybox, Charriii5, Tetrabit Gaming, D-Pad Gamer, Nicobbq, and Nintendrew) where they call Nathaniel Bandy, Nathaniel "Scuttlebug" Bandy where a scuttlebug with NB's head photoshopped on it appears. SM64 ROM Hacker, Kaze Emunar, has referenced this meme several times in his ROM Hacks such as Jumping Over It With Nathaniel Bandy, Doki Doki Mario 64, and others.
  • NtGm 889's collab entry features Mario's model from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • The name Meneer en mevrouw is spelled incorrectly. The full name appears in the credits as Meneer en mevrouw trein.
  • In Monarch Boo's entry, the sound that plays when the six burritos are shown originates from the meme "Guts Man's Ass".
  • In Cartoonosaurus Rex's entry, [REDACTED] can be seen in the background, who is impaled to death by a sword. In this case, this is probably one of [REDACTED]'s mental punishments for his sins, in which may be explicit actions.

Music Used

  • 00:12 - In The Flower Garden, Super Mario RPG
  • 00:28 - Thomas The Weed Engine, Thunderclowns
  • 01:12 - Super Mario Land Millennium, Deep Black Skies
  • 01:21 - (Death By Glamour in the style of Mario Party)
  • 01:30 - (happy chip tune in C Major, NtGm 889)
  • 01:44 - Stranger Things Theme Song (Remix), C418
  • 02:03 - (rock music; LK Sixtyfour)
  • 02:22 - Thunderbolt, Reflec Beat
  • 02:40 - (Zeus KrAZy)
  • 02:48 - (Yellow Shell)
  • 03:10 - Online Waiting Room, Splatoon
  • 03:31 - Menu Theme, Mario Teaches Typing 2
  • 03:36 - Bon Appetit S, Blend S
  • 03:49 - Clowns Are Scary, Payday 2
  • 04:09 - Oocoo’s Theme, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • 04:31 - Duel Of The Fates, The Phantom Menace
  • 04:44 - Hero Training, Metal Arms: Glitch In The System
  • 04:54 - Are You Listening?, Fire Emblem Fates
  • 05:14 - (warped music; mr benio)
  • 05:33 - (8-bit version of Onett from Super Smash Bros Melee; Chako Magicant)
  • 05:55 - (dramatic music, Dav 64)
  • 06:04 - Peach’s Castle, Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
  • 06:22 - Puppy Love (Tarantella Napoletana), Earthworm Jim 2
  • 06:42 - Don’t Stop, Journey
  • 07:08 - Oregon Spirit (We’ll Be Right Back), Rolf Anton
  • 07:13 - Theme Song, Super Mario Bros.
  • 07:15 - Overworld Theme, Super Mario World
  • 07:24 - Sunny Side Up, Alumo
  • 08:00 - Smash Ride, Kirby Squeak Squad
  • 08:33 - Ta-Ta-Tax Fraud!, Groonga
  • 08:48 - Glutton, Hoshi no Kaabii
  • 08:57 - It’s Here! Run Away!!, Hoshi no Kaabii
  • 09:09 - (music; JackLuigi1)
  • 09:28 - (bass boosted Teletubbies Theme)
  • 09:37 - The End, noax
  • 09:44 - (skyrim theme; Drago)
  • 09:55 - (quiet music; Luke Salmen)
  • 10:01 - (happy music; Luke Salmen)
  • 10:12 - Roundabout, Yes
  • 10:15 - (organ music)
  • 10:21 - Trololo Song, Eduard Khil
  • 10:36 - Overworld Theme, Super Mario Bros. 2
  • 11:03 - (happy music in D Major; Chino Spike)
  • 11:20 - The Smorgs, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  • 11:24 - Waluigi’s Tacostand, SilvaGunner
  • 11:26 - New Donk City – Daytime, Super Mario Odyssey
  • 11:30 - Circuit, Mario Kart 64
  • 11:35 - Sincerely Abbey, Semaj The Poet
  • 11:36 - Daytime Drama, Spongebob
  • 11:39 - Apple Kid’s Theme, Earthbound
  • 11:43 - Jazz Club, Kriss
  • 12:15 - Slider, Super Mario 64
  • 12:25 - Gimme Space, Pac-Man World
  • 12:36 - (pokemon-esque song; LucaFerro10)
  • 12:44 - Vs. Trainer, Pokemon Red Blue & Green
  • 12:56 - Duel, Kiyoshi Yoshida
  • 13:15 - Multi-Man Melee 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • 13:42 - So Long-eh, Bowser!, Scaredsim (OC Remix)
  • 14:00 - Map 2 Overworld, Super Mario World
  • 14:11 - Last Surprise, Persona 5
  • 14:17 - Vanilla Lake (cover), The OneUps
  • 14:38 - (variant of Peach’s Castle)
  • 15:05 - Green Greens, Kirby Super Star Star Ultra
  • 15:07 - (sounds Earthbound-ey; SuicidalLuigi667)
  • 15:25 - Gelato Beach, Super Mario Sunshine
  • 16:04 - Overworld Theme, Super Mario Bros. 2
  • 16:21 - (happy song in D Major; SlamGenre)
  • 16:35 - Main Theme, Hotel Mario
  • 16:51 - The Hustle, Van McCoy
  • 16:55 - You Say Run, My Hero Academia
  • 17:15 - Peach’s Castle, Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
  • 17:29 - (comedic song in B b Major, Man of Voices)
  • 17:35 - Bom-Omb Battlefield, Super Mario 64
  • 17:54 - Smash Ride, Kirby Squeak Squad
  • 17:55 - (quiet song; SuperSaltyGamers)
  • 18:00 - (dramatic song ; SuperSaltyGamers)
  • 18:18 - Super Pipe House, Super Mario RPG
  • 18:27 - World 4 Giant Land, Super Mario All-Stars
  • 19:06 - Train Chase (?), Wallace and Gromit
  • 19:11 - Megalovania, Undertale
  • 19:21 - The Next Episode, Dr Dre; Snoop Dog; Kurupt; Nate Dogg
  • 19:26 - The Ballad of Gay Tony, Grant Theft Auto IV
  • 19:42 - Botanic Panic, Cuphead
  • 19:45 - MEDIC!, Team Fortress 2
  • 19:47 - Taste You Like Yoghurt, Watchya ft Flula Borg & Flynt Flossy
  • 19:53 - Power Rangers (Extended Club Mix), Nick Carr
  • 20:06 - Peach’s Castle, Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
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  • 20:39 - Forest of Illusion, Super Mario World
  • 20:51 - Hitman, Kevin MacLeod
  • 20:56 - Take A Chance, Kevin MacLeod
  • 21:10 - (remix of Mario’s classic theme)
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