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2 MILLION FAN COLLABERATION SPECIAL! (SSENMODNAR) is a blooper uploaded on June 23rd, 2018 as a video of the Ssenmodnar series. It was uploaded to celebrate SMG4 teaching 2 million subscribers.


Thank you all so much for over 2 million subscribers! We got you fans to create your own SMG4 clips and submit it to us... and we got over 600 submissions! Some of you guys are seriously super talented. Here's a collaboration with the best ones!



Mario is walking near the castle. He suddenly sees Luigi looking up, seemingly worried about something. He later sees Bowser, Toad, Peach, Boopkins, Meggy, Bob, Wario and Waluigi looking there too. Mario decides to check it out. He then sees SMG4 making a magic ball that sucks in a lot of memes, while a remix of Thomas the Tank Engine is playing in the background. He sees Mario watching him and says hi. Mario asks him what he is doing and SMG4 answers that he's gathering his fan videos and that he's been there for 5 weeks. Bob tells him to stop creating the magic ball, at which Peach agrees on, implying that he is going to destroy the castle. SMG4 tells her that the fans worked hard and Peach scolds him. SMG4 agrees to stop. The ball turns red and starts making an alarm sound. He throws the ball at the ground and the intro starts.


1. NtGm 889: Mario throws himself at the castle. In the castle there’s a guy that is continuously take off and on his pants. Mario throws himself at the Bob-Omb Battlefield painting but falls down. He gets angry and tries humping the painting. He gets very angry and becomes disorted.

2. X (Nintendofan997): SMG4 looks at his smartphone. His smartphone falls down into all of the cast posing. Mario then falls and crashes SMG4.

3. LK Sixtyfour: The scenery is action movie-like and semi-animated. SMG3 is in a desk looking at Meggy. Meggy shoots him and runs away from the flaming building and then proceeds to shoot some people appearing to be SMG3's minions. The scene is revealed to be in a television and Meggy asks some of the cast what they think. Everyone thinks it's awesome and Bob asks her to put him im the movie.

4. AmazingCanisLupus: Mario is driving a car in a circuit, but he crash the car, making it explode and he fall from the sky, with SMG4 laughing at him.

5. Zeus KrAZy: A guy says at SMG4 that he shouldn’t spend so much time on computer, then SMG4 reply that it’s his life and the guy leaves the room saying that is really really sad.

6.Yellow Shell: Mario and SMG4 are fighting and Mario use a Mega Mushroom and he become giant, kicking SMG4. But then SMG4 also uses a Mega Mushroom and he become more big that Mario. But then Mario use a “Pingas Launcher” and he shoot a missile.

7. AGIA: The scenery is made on Roblox. SMG4 is outside the castle and he says that he exist and then he screams.

8. Asriel Daronus: SMG4 is talking with Meggy about being her first Ssenmodnar and Meggy ask what exactly happens in a Ssenmodnar, then it’s showed a scene with randomness and Meggy reply that it sounds pretty weird.

9. ItsMiaDaBirb: The scenery is animated. Mario goes to Bowser‘s castle and he found Bowser making animes with Boopkins. Bowser then says that is not what it seems, right before Mario’s head explodes.

10. Akuago220:

11. Brewster TV:

12. KinglyPeasant:

13. Alex Spider [スパイダー]:

14. Greenhat64:

15. mrbenio:

16. Chako Magicant:

17. Dav64:

18. dshaynie:

19. Crispy Toast:

20. Issa_Bass:

21. Weegeetnik:

22. Super James YT:

23. YTMasterDaniel:

24. Geoferaze634:

25. GlitchyMario64: Five Mario's dance around in space while Smg4 just does not care what's happening around him.

26. ArcticNight:

27. ElectricFury:

28. LizzieRatcicle:

29. JackLuigi1:

30. Ouoyupot:

31. Drago:

32. Luke Salmen:

33. Meneer en mevrouw:

34. PrivateYayaz:

35. Chino Spike:

36. Datnintendo Gamer:

37. Bruh3:

38. BladerSaiyan: Smg4 on the roof of the Castile and says: Another day, another dose of memes then Mario fly's naked into the sky and Smg4 says: I stand corrected.

39. NationOfOranges696:

40. LucaFerro10:

41. Humane Garbage:

42. MarioSonicKirbyFan15:

43. Leo Does A Thing:

44. StupidMarioBros1Fan:

45. The Blunder Twins:

46. Remi Mixer:

47. ElcaCominer:

48. SuperRhys217: Mario throws a green shell at Smg4. Smg4 screams in pain and says: What the hells wrong with you. Mario then says that makes me so happy I'm a light headed and Mario head fly's off of him and says weee. And that's how the Giant floating Mario Head was born.

49. SuicidalLuigi667:

50. Mario28037:

51. Jayty07:

52. MightTheSprite:

53. SlamGenre:

54. Weegeepie:

55. BlazingAnimations:

56. Man of Voices:

57. Blazer:

58. SuperSaltyGamers:

59. DORbell:

60. MrPr1993:

61. GameCubeDude300:

62. Monarch Boo:

63. Cartoonosaurus Rex:

64. Introverted Thespian:

65. ElTacoMiner:

66. Omega7321:

67. Bowser Bros:

68. wMTF2:

69. Foxley: Mario comes in and says: And That, Fellas, was the 2 million Ssendmonar special! Mario says: Hey that was petty good. That makes me so happy. Ok bye bye. See you next time. The cast comes together. Lakitu says that was good footage.



  • This is SMG4’s first collab video.
  • According to the video description, more than 600 entries have been submitted overall.
  • This is the first time Shy Guy shouted his famous "Yeah Toast!" catchphrase since 2016's "If Mario was in...Team Fortress 2".
  • Lakitu phrase “That was good footage” at the end of Foxley’s skit is a reference to the same phrase that he says at the end of SMG4‘s first video “The Cake Is a Lie!“.
  • ElectricFury’s skit is a reference to the “Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud” meme.

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