The following page is the transcript for the video APRIL FOOLS made by SMG4.


(Open to a shot of the castle lobby, where Mario is standing.) 

Mario: Hey, are you ready to Mario-cise?  Okey-dokey, you do just like Mario..

(Suddenly, SMG4 runs into the shot from offscreen and knocks Mario down.)  

SMG4: (in own voice) APRIL FOOLS!!!!

 (There is a large explosion in the background. A heavily amplified version of Ageha by Ryu starts playing. A bunch of people come in and start screaming and dancing with SMG4, including Steve, several Teletubbies, including Tubbie Wonka, Wario, an old man, Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Xboxfan997, Waluigi, FightingMario54321, and a genie.)


(cut to black)

Text (only appears for a split second): dont be a douche- mario :D foundation

End of Transcript 

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