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A Day In The Life of LUIGI is TheAwesomeMario's 9th video uploaded to YouTube. In this video, Mario records Luigi doing things that he supposedly does every day of his life.


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First part: Start of the video

The video starts with Mario introducing himself to the audience while recording Luigi messing around in front of the Whomp's Fortress painting; Then Luigi notice him and calls Luigi Gay (And he says that he's not). Then the real video begins.

Second part: Luigi's morning exercize

Mario is watching Luigi doing "His morning excersize" and says that he does that every day. Then Luigi notices him and Luigi screams.

Third part: Luigi Vs. Boo

Mario decides to scare Luigi by introducing a Boo to Luigi and Boo seems ok with it. Then we see Luigi being very proud of himself, capturing all those ghosts. But then the Boo arrives and scares Luigi.

Fourth part: How Weeges dolls are made

Luigi is now creating the Weeges dolls; According to Luigi, you need these ingredients to make a Weegee doll:

  • Water
  • Weed
  • A justin Bieber album (Apparently)
  • Dancing skills

And then the weegies dolls will appear in the tree! Then Mario comes to see the tree and states that this is how weegies dolls are made

Fifth part: Trying to approach Daisy

Now we see Luigi trying to approach Daisy, but fails saying: "Hey daisy girl, did you get a haircut, because you're boobs look great". Then he states that "It's not forward enough"

Sixth part: Luigi and Daisy watching a movie

Now we see Luigi with a statue of daisy watching a "Movie". Then he tries to give at the statue some popcorn. Then Luigi tries to get the Statue's attention and then it looks like they're kissing. Mario states that this was the 143rd day in a row. Then Mario calls him a loser and Luigi, that got caught, starts to scream like a little girl.

Seventh part: End of the video

At the end we see Mario saying that now we know how luigi's like and he would have ended the video there, but then he sees some coins. Mario then decides to keep the money for himself and buy some spaghetti. But then someone kicks Mario and he falls asleep. We found out that Luigi kicked Mario. While the Camera is still on, we see Luigi getting closer to the camera and then he says: "FUCK YOU!" and then the video ends.


I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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