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A Random Day is the 18th blooper created by SMG4. In this video, Mario does multiple random things for the entirety of the blooper.


Mario does random stuff all in this blooper.


The scene outside Peach's Castle opens up with Lakitu making sure everything is set (which includes the scenery, his camera, Mario acting like usual). A pipe shows up, with Luigi popping out (with him wanting to entering a gay bar). It turns out Lakitu wants to set up the opening scene of Super Mario 64, and the first take is ruined.

The second take involves Mario jumping out of the pipe WAY too high, resulting in him crashing to the ground and getting hurt.

Take 3 doesn't have Mario show up at all. When Lakitu investigates inside the castle, Mario exits out of a room naked, implying that the red plumber had sex with Peach Toadstool. Mario tries to brush it off by trying to convince the Koopa that Take 2 was good.

The Title Card then has some of the colors missing, followed quickly with Mario asking where Toad is. Turns out, Toad's inside the fish tank, much to Mario's obliviousness. Mario then tries to jump the castle with the super jump glitch. After some time, Lakitu then asks how long Mario's been up there for.

The scene cuts to inside Peach's castle, Toad telling Mario he wants him to meet his new family: a large amount of Toads inside the Bob-omb portrait room.

A new take then shows Mario being attacked and chased by a horde of flying Shy Guys, with Lakitu simply watching Mario suffer. However, the Koopa then gets harmed, causing the red plumber to sarcastically congratulate them for killing him.

Another cutscene depicts Mario asking Yoshi for his birthday present from 3 years ago. Yoshi jumps off the castle to go get it, but never returns, implying that the dinosaur never had a present in the first place (and Mario waits for a long while, unaware on the likely implications).

Mario is seen running around while causing his farts to explode on Bob-Omb Battlefield.

Mario and Peach are seen running around in a panic while the castle is presumably flying.

Mario shows off his "invincible car" to Toad, to which he unfortunately crashes it and is forced to walk normally again.

In Bowser's castle, Mario asks Bowser about his expression, to which the Koopa King then replies with him trying to think of a plan to take over the world. After discussing to already done attempts, the red plumber asks if the King of Koopas tried exercising. In response, Bowser punches Mario, and the latter overemphasizes the impact of the punch.

Mario announces to Toad in the castle it's time for the former to die. Mario tries to rise to heaven, but fails, much to the mushroom's disappointment.

Bowser discusses about there should be only one side that lives on: good or evil. After a random cutscene that has a girl ask, "How about both?" Bowser then tells Mario he is the latter's gay father, causing Mario to jump off a cliff and cause technical difficulties.

After that, Lakitu tells Mario that he has special powers. When testing them, the trees in the background begin to levitate.

Mario is trapped inside a clock needing to go use the bathroom.

The ending of Super Mario 64 plays out, only when Peach kisses Mario, the video ends with the latter exploding into a coin.



  • Some fans consider this video to be the predecessor to SMG4's acclaimed Ssenmodnar blooper series.
  • This is one of four SMG4 bloopers in which Luigi has a different color palette.
    • The palette shown in this video is similar his appearance in Super Smash Bros.

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