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A day in the life of FISHY BOOPKINS is a TheAwesomeMario video.


Today we follow Fishy Boopkins around and discover all his secretz.


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The video starts on a Wii Sports Resort-like island. The camera zooms like a Mario Kart course. It then cuts to SMG4 and Mario swimming around. Toad, who has an off-centre head, shouts to them that he found something. Mario asks what it is, and SMG4 agrees. Toad says he found a weird cave and tells Mario to jump in it. Mario jumps in and crashes into a rock.

He starts swimming underwater as the Dire Dire Docks theme plays. He is teleported somewhere else, where he sees a television, sofa and a desk. Mario takes a closer look and sees Fishy Boopkins.

It then cuts to a dramatic intro, which is interrupted by Fishy Boopkins saying "Hey guys!". He states that he is bored, so goes and plays with his toys.

He goes over to a Minecraft chest (his toy chest) and smashes his head on it. The chest magically opens.

Fishy Boopkins notices Mario and asks if he wants to play with him. Mario says, "No you little fishcake, why don't you go make-a some actual friends.", to which Fishy Boopkins agrees with.

He swims through the ocean and sees clammy. Clammy says, "Oh shit." and swims away. He then goes on land and meets a Thwomp, then asks it, "Do you wanna be my friend?"


I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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