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Not to be confused with Greg The Alien.

Greg is here to help!

—, Greg

Admiral Greg is a character from Guards N' Retards. He is one of Chris and Swagmaster6969696969's superiors, along with Sergeant Mark and Tubbie Wonka. Swagmaster has nipple twisted him several times.


Greg has a "no nonsense" attitude, and always puts following the rules ahead of everything else, and because of this, nobody really likes him. Despite this, he has been shown to be very polite and forgiving, as well as very responsible and concerned. Greg also speaks with a British accent.



  • Hey! You're not suppose to be here!
  • aaargh
  • Greg is here to help! Hello ma'am! Can I help you? (gets shot)
  • I'm back b*tches!
  • Hey guys! I heard you screaming! Is everything alright?
  • Hoo hoo! top of the morning to you swagmaster! How are we on this fine day? (gets smashed by the pepsi machine)


  • Its most likely that Greg is named in tribute after Greg the spider from "Arby N the Chief". This could also be backed as, just like Greg the spider, Greg seems to be the third most common protagonist.
  • Greg's model is the "Russian Soldier" from GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64.
  • He might actually be dumber than Swagmaster, since he mistook a block of TNT for a box of hot dogs and microwaved it. Although, TNT blocks ARE individual sticks of dynamite tied together, which ARE somewhat shaped like hot dogs, but still, there's literally a label that says TNT.
  • After being absent from official videos on the channel for five years, he and Sergeant Mark finally started reappearing on the channel as cameos as of SMG4: THE 5,000,000 SUB SPECIAL.

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