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Admiral S. Swipe was a minor character in the SMG4 series.

He was a Chuck-ya who was an evil collector of uncommon objects that is the captain of the Teletubmarine Marauders, serving as the main antagonist of SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity parts 1 and 2.


He was very greedy and possessive but knows how to stay calm. His personality seemed to be similar to Bowser.


SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 1

He only appears at the end. After Fishy Boopkins and his companions are captured by the "Teletubmarine", he reveals himself to the gang that he is a collector of rare things, and that Fishy Boopkins is a rare creature. After throwing Fishy Boopkins in his treasure room, he subjects SMG4, Mario, FM, X, and Ben, to "Sector 2-SX-C".

SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 2

Unlike the first part, he has an even bigger role, and appears throughout the entire episode. He is seen electrocuting Fishy Boopkins in order to make him sing, and later appears to release Teletubbies as part of his attacks against the gang after Ben's Mother releases them. Upon the destruction of the last of his army, and the sinking of his submarine, he dies with his army as the rest of the crew escapes to safety.



  • Admiral S. Swipe's name is a pun on 'ass wipe'.
    • Luke and Kevin pronounce his name as "asswipe".
  • He makes a brief cameo in SMG4: 3 MILLION SUB FAN COLLABORATION!
    • This is his first appearance in 3 years.
  • In a Hobo Bros video, Luke says that he doesn't even know what Admiral S. Swipe is.
  • The file for Seaside Stupidity became corrupted, but luckily Luke had a backup. If he wasn't able to restore the video, Admiral S. Swipe and Fishy Boopkins may have never appeared.
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