Akihabara (commonly referred to as Anime Town) is a district seen in SMG4: The Japan Trip, based on the actual district in the Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan. Axol resided here until SMG4: Mario Works at Mcdonalds.

In SMG4: The Japan TripSMG4SaikoFishy Boopkins and Bob Bobowski went there, to escape persecution from the A.S.S. During their trip, they bump into the town when Bob sees an anime banner, which excites him and Boopkins. While exploring the aformentioned town, the gang bumped into the famous manga artist Axol. As he leaves the town, the gang gave chase. 

When the gang snuck into his house (probably to avoid the bodyguard), they then tell him about that they needed his help to legalize anime back into the Mushroom Kingdom, Axol agreed, then started to use his Inkweaver to draw anime characters to life.


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