Alex and Derrick

Derrick: "Hey, Alex! You know sometimes I like to crawl in a big ball and pretend I'm a hush pup- Alex: I'M ENJOYING A TREAT DERRICK!

Alex and Derrick are, in SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos, two characters who have so far only appeared together in the video "Ssenmodnar 6.64 (100k Special QNA Edition)". Derrick was telling a guy named Alex (his friend) that he looks like a hushpuppy, annoying him. He also tells him that he sometimes pretends to be a hushpuppy. Alex then replys saying "I'M ENJOYING A TREAT, DERRICK!!!" as he gets incredibly annoyed.

Color codes


  • White overalls (like SMG4, MarioMario54321 and Ruffman8890's),
  • Lightslategray cap, arms and shirt,
  • Black gloves,
  • Dimgray shoes,
  • Normal face (as Mario, Luigi, SMG4 and many other guys'),
  • Brown hair (as Mario, Luigi, SMG4 and many other guys').


  • Blue overalls (as Mario's),
  • Yellow cap, arms and shirt (like EpicYoshiFan's for example),
  • White gloves (as Mario, Luigi, SMG4 and several other guys'),
  • Red shoes,
  • Slightly orange face (we can't see that on the picture up on this page),
  • Orange hair (clear brown nearly orange).



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