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Aloysius Bori is one of the two posthumous overarching protagonists (alongside Desti) of Sunset Paradise. He was the previous sheriff of Port Aurora and is Auri's late grandfather, who was murdered at the hands of Sir Benedict Cumbersnatch after putting a curse on him that transformed him into an egg-shaped body.



Aloysius was apparently a brave sheriff who was very successful. Auri sees him as an inspiration.

He is shown to be serious about being sheriff, when he tells Auri to stop hugging him because sheriffs don’t do that.

Aloysius is shown to be proud Auri for doing more than what he had accomplished because he stated that he never had anyone around him to care for him and credited Auri for having someone behind his back to assist and help him become a sheriff and called Auri “Sheriff”, much to Auri’s excitement before being revived by the Pheonix Egg.


He was the sheriff of Port Aurora many years ago. He hunted squids, fought criminals, and romanced beautiful women when he was Auri's age.

Apparently, he was aquatinted by Sir Benedict when he was stealing the ashes, so to keep him from trouble he sealed him in an egg but was killed by Benedict in process and ended up being trapped in the in between.

A false version of him appears in Auri's subconscious with a role similar to Shadow Meggy, showing vast disappointment to his grandson.


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