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For other characters that are refered as Guy', see Guy (Disambiguation).

The Angry Indian Guy is a recurring background character in SMG4's videos. His role often changes with each appearance he makes.


Angry Indian Guy first appeared in Switcherooveralls where he plotted to turn everyone in the world into Indian wearing women's underwear. He was later punched by MCGustavo (who was in FightingMario54321's costume) and he was injured, but he got his revenge later when he took a picture of the group getting naked and changing their costumes and runs off. Before he appeared in the blooper, MCGustavo had stolen his toilet, which made the Indian become angry and attempt to kill him in order to get revenge. In the blooper, he is seen chasing FightingMario54321 who was in MCG's costume, mistaking FM54321 for MCG.

His next appearance was in Crystal Funhouse, where he was seen chasing MCG in a dream created with the Nightmare Stone.

In Retarded64: Mario for Hire, he told Baby Mario that it was dangerous to play in the street before being run over by Mario. He was later seen robbing a bank, before being stopped by several Teletubbies and Buzz Lightyear. His next appearance was in a cameo in Tubbie TV, where he congratulated the Teletubbies for getting 2 million views. In R64: Freddy's spaghettiria, it is revealed that he is the manager of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He fires Mario after he fails to do his job properly. Angry Indian Guy's latest appearance was in SM64 Bloopers: Smexy Soccer, acting as the announcer for Mario and Bowser Jr.'s soccer tournament.




  • Despite his name, his ethnicity does not refer to the Indians of South Asia, but rather the Native Americans.
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