Anime Island was Francis and the Anime Cartel's base of operations (at least, during the events of the second half of the Anime Arc). Meggy, Axol, Desti, and roughly half of Inkopolis' population were brought here to have their ink (illegally) extracted. At least one of Francis's ink minions has a map leading to it. The Battle of Anime Island occurred here prior to the island's destruction.

Francis states that his desire is to use Axol's Inkweaver to turn Anime Island into an island full of waifus.


After the events of Mario Saves Anime, Francis was unsatisfied about how the show that Axol and his team have presented to Peach in order to unban anime was not he expected it to be (he was likely expecting violence). So Francis discovers a remote island and builds his Cartel's base of operations were built there. Sometime as he was leaving Peach's Castle, Axol gets abducted by the Anime Cartel and is chained up to a wall in a prison cell.

Francis takes Axol's Inkweaver and starts building sets of giant cylinder jars filled with red liquid connected to his giant machine called The Ink Zuccer 2000. Soon, Francis' goons began abducting inklings left and right and taking them to Anime Island where they are preserved into the giant jars to have their ink extracted.

As Mario and his friends land on the island along with A.S.S. after arriving by boat, the island's beach turns into a Normandy-style battlefield as a war breaks out between the Anime Island population and the A.S.S.. After going through the war-zone and into the trenches, the Cartel base gets infiltrated by the SMG4 gang who begin to confront Francis who reveals that he is behind all this, proving Axol's innocence. The gang's confrontation with Francis and his False Sephiroth leads to the death of Desti.

During the beating by the SMG4 gang, Francis gets accidentally knocked into the Ink Zuccer's giant ink container by a bullet bill from Swagmaster, Bob and Chris' cannon, causing a giant crack which a gallon of ink spills onto Francis, refilling Inkweaver to 100% as a result. With the power of Inkweaver in Francis' hands again, Francis summons the Super Saiyan God, draining Inkweaver's power again.

During a brawl between the gang and the Super Saiyan God, Meggy demands Axol to use the Ink Zuccer and take her ink from it and fill the pen up to save the others but as the machine is activated, the Super Saiyan god fires a blast of energy at the Ink Zuccer, destroying it for good. Despite this, Axol was able to summon Shaggy who fights the Super Saiyan God very well. After Francis is put in a zuccer by Saiko Bichitaru, Shaggy helps the gang, inklings and Meggy escape while the Super Saiyan God self destructs, destroying the island and killing the Anime Cartel as a result.

The Destruction of Anime Island

Anime Island getting destroyed by the explosion.

With the island blown to oblivion, peace has been restored across the world and ending the madness of the greedy nerdy chameleon once and for all.


Anime Cartel HQ

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Animaha Beach

SMG4 World War Mario 0-5 screenshot

The view of Animaha Beach during the Battle of Anime Island.

Animaha Beach is the name of a beach surrounding the island. This beach here is famous for being the main battlefield during the Battle of Anime Island, in which thousands of Allied Forces troops landed on the beach, and formed a beachhead around Animaha Beach's main defence line.

Animaha Beach is a pun on Omaha Beach, in which the words 'anime' and 'Omaha' are combined.


  • While not much is known about the island, it's plausible that Francis located his lair near water as it would complicate any Cephalosapien (Inklings and Octolings)'s efforts to escape.

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