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The Anime Secret Service, abbreviated as the A.S.S., was the official division of the Royal Mushroom Kingdom Police Department established to stop the distribution of illegal anime in the Mushroom Kingdom.


The Anime Secret Service (also known as A.S.S) was created after Peach banned anime from the kingdom as a retaliation to a battle between Mario, Bob Bobowski, and Boopkins, which ended with her Castle getting destroyed. They started to burn every anime-related object from the Mushroom Kingdom, creating a new type of criminals called the Anime Cartel. SMG4 promised to the princess to serve the law and help the A.S.S to ban anime from the kingdom, making him second-in-command of the group.

This included attempting to arrest his friends, such as Bob, Mario, Luigi, and Boopkins. They also started to place A.S.S checkpoints on roads to find any anime smugglers, and launch a nuke at them should one be spotted. At some point, the organization recruited Chris and Swagmaster69696969696 as lieutenants, after they got fired from the prison in SMG4: Mario's Prison Escape. They later made a set up to catch Mario and Boopkins, but SMG4 was taken hostage by Mario with an anime toy, escaping in the process. SMG4 later defected from A.S.S, due to realizing that they were hunting real-life anime girls, such as his friend Saiko Bichitaru.

Later inSMG4: Mario Saves Anime, SMG4 uses an A.S.S van to unleash the Anime Cartel to distract the guards. After Princess Peach sees the truth in that anime can actually be nice to have and said to have lived her whole life without anime, she proceeds to unban anime and the A.S.S was disbanded.

When it was revealed that numerous Inklings and Axol were being kidnapped by the Anime Cartel along with anime creations made by Francis, remnants of the A.S.S. regrouped to perform a military offense on Anime Island to free the captives.

It's unknown what became of A.S.S after the Battle of Anime Island, they probably most likely disbanded with the Anime Crisis over and no more anime problems to worry about in the Mushroom Kingdom with the Anime Cartel defeated and gone for good.


Former Members

  • SMG4 - Lieutenant (defected)



  • The character that appears in the logo is Wikipe-tan from Wikipedia's Anime article.
  • Their standard service firearms seems to be the Beretta Model 38.
  • It's abbreviation can be seen as a un to the word "ass".
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