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Arin Joseph Hanson (AKA Egoraptor) (born: January 6, 1987) is a YouTuber and one of the founding members of Game Grumps. He usually plays the games with his close friend/co-star, Dan Avidan (formerly JonTron from 2012 - 2013). Both do commentary as they play. He has made various cameos in SMG4's videos.

He also appears in a Meta Runner episode, Fast Food Fight. His voice impressions of Toad are used as voice clips for him.



  • Many of the well known voice clips used in SMG4 are things said by Arin on Game Grumps throughout the years; most notably "MAH PEEEENIS!" and "WE WON'T LET THOSE F*CKERS TAKE THIS LAND!", to name a few.
  • He's had his own channel named "Egoraptor" on YouTube and Newgrounds.
  • In SMG4: The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe Arin is one of the remaining YouTubers who attack Mario with Dan (Daniel Avidan).


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