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Remember, get as close to the president.


Barbie, or the boss, is the leader of the Mushroom Mafia, the most badass mafia. His first appearance was in the episode Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Mushroom Mafia, where he became Mario's boss after he destroyed the headquarters' wall.


Barbie, the leader of the Mushroom Mafia

After Mario broke through the mafia walls while competing in a stunt competition with DK, Barbie got furious and demanded his boys to kill Mario, however after reconsidering he decided to let Mario do some tasks to repay the damages. His first task he ordered Mario to do was to deliver a package to his son, who Mario accidentally killed by throwing the package to get his attention.

His next job was to kill MarioMario54321 for punching his house, which Mario had to fake by taking Luigi in a body bag. After that Mario had to infiltrate the rival mafia, the Fire Flower Mafia, which he also had to fake. His last job was to blow himself up to kill the president, however, Mario cleverly took out the bombs in the jacket blowing up the whole mafia. However he survives and the bloopers end with Barbie chasing Mario around in front of SMG4.

He make a second appearance as a flashback cameo inside the Nightmare Stone in the blooper Super Mario 64 Bloopers: SMG3's plan to destory SMG4 cause he felt like it.


  • He may be named after a notable franchise called Barbie which mainly makes dolls.
  • He's color code is the same as the Judge, the Dealer, Bowser's Boss, Larry Fattman and John Gayham.
    • It's possible that he and Bowser's boss are the same character since there is only 8 episode difference from those two characters and they both share the same office. And it makes more sense that Bowser has ties with the mafia, unfortunately there is still an uncertainty.

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