Batman (Bruce Wayne) is a well known super-hero who saw his parents die when he was little and now fights crime, even though he only fights Herobrine in SMG4's videos. In the bloopers, he is a Minecraftian for some reason. But originally first appeared in a very short scene of Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Brother Wars, as a "Wierd Creepy Guy".



  • In some SMG4 videos, Batman is a Minecraftian.
  • He only fights Herobrine in SMG4 videos (Somewhat).
  • In Smg4's bloopers, he fights crime along with his gay sidekick, Robin and his prostitute Batgirl.
  • SMG4 said he looked more like an orphan, because he is an orphan.
  • It was revealed by Mario that Batman is related to Hitler.
  • In 2017, Luigi dressed up as him for Halloween. However, people mistook his costume for a trash bag, to the point where he adopted the identity.
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    Luigi as Trash Bag

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