This is the Transcript for Become a Sponsor for SMG4!

Blooper Part Transcript

Mario: Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhaahhaha

Narrator: Are you an SMG4 addict?

Mario: Hmmm Hmmmm

Narrator: Do you wanna support SMG4 and feel special?

Mario: YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: Well now you can!

Narrator: By sponsoring SMG4 on youtube!

Mario: Holy Shit!

Narrator: Just pay a Gajillion Billion Dollars a month to get this sexy pin!

Mario: Oh my god!

Mario: Huuu!

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong: OH SHIT!

Mario: Huhuhu!

Wario: Wah!

Waluigi: Holy Shit!

Mario: Oh yeah, imma the sexiest with this badge!

Mario: Yipee!

Mario: Hello Bitches!

Toad: Mario! I heard you just gave away money to SMG4! are you stupid?!

Mario: but i got this sexy badge.

Peach: Yay!

Luigi: Oh ha ha ha! Oh Yeah!

Luke: Hey you sexy Hobos, I hope you enjoyed that skit.

Kevin: As you’ve already seen, we have a super huge announcement for you guys.

Luke: So as some of you may know, I’ve been doing YouTube for a very long time and since last year me and my brother have been very lucky to make this our full time job.

Kevin: All because of you awesome fans watching our stuff.

Luke: And now we have even bigger plans to ramp up the quality of our SMG4 videos and work on bigger, more awesome projects.

Kevin: If you’ve been on YouTube, you’ll have heard of something called the adpocalypse.

Luke: It was a disaster

Kevin: Which basically means a lot of the more... edgy content if you want to put it that way, gets demonetised, and you know SMG4 we make a lotta edgy content.

Luke: But we refuse to change any of that because we know you love our content.

Kevin: People have sought other platforms like Patreon, or Twitch, but we haven’t touched any of that. We’re purely depending on YouTube for income. Which is probably a ad thing. So what’re we doing about it? Well YouTube has reached out to us with something they call their sponsorship program.

Luke: So for $5 a month, you’ll become an official sponsor for SMG4.

Kevin: Now I just wanna say you guys don’t have to be a sponsor if you don’t want to. This is purely for those fans who wanna go the extra distance in helping us um-

Luke: Super fans!

Kevin: None of our content will change regardless.

Luke: But to the fans who do really want to help us you’ll be helping us a lot, and you will be getting many awesome perks.

Kevin: It's a way we can sort of give back to you, for giving a lot to us.

Luke: So What are these perks you might ask?

Kevin: Well, Luke, sponsors get this sexy badge that you guys probably saw earlier in the video.

Luke: Oh, look at that, it will show up next to your name whenever you comment on an SMG4 video, just like that. Damn.

Kevin: Damn!

Luke: Everyone will be praying to your ass just like...

Kevin: I want that!

Luke: Yea! Just like Mario was sorta swagging-

Kevin: Strutting down.

Luke: Also your name will appear at the end of every SMG4 video that you might sponsor.

Kevin: Here's an example of what that might look like. Damn so sexyyyyyy!

Kevin: The sponsors will also have access to something called the sponsorship community tab. This isn't too different from the community tab but we will be posting polls, opinions, getting overall general feedback on videos we plan to make, and videos we've already made. So you could potentially be one of the writers for the next upcoming SMG4 video!

Luke: Help. You can help write.

Kevin: If Mario was in Roblox, Luke!

Luke: MMMMMMMMMMMM (shrugs)

Kevin: If Mario was in Doki Doki Literature Club!

Luke: Get the fuck out.

Luke: It's where we'll keep all of our sponsors updated and detailed about what's coming up and anything else that we might have.

Kevin: *Unintelligble screaming. Something to do with memes.*

Luke: Woo!

Kevin: Sponsors will also get a sneak preview of upcoming SMG4 episodes.

Luke: That will appear in the new sponsor only Community Tab.

Kevin: This can be anything from behind the scenes footage, clips from the videos, or screenshots themselves.

Luke: So... gonna get SPICY! Sponsors will also get these super awesome rare posters that I make, like even more of them, because they are sexyyyy.

Kevin: Also we'll be planning to do more livechat stuff on the channel, maybe a bit of behind the scenes and if you are a sponsorship you'll get access to...

Luke: Custom Emojis! Put them up in the screen ohhhhh!

Luke: If we ever do livestreams on YouTube, you'll have access to all of these emojis. Custom to you.

Kevin: Yahoo wahoo yahoo wahoo!

Luke: So Kevin, how do we become a sponsor?

Kevin: WELL LUKEYBOI, you just have to go to the SMG4 homepage. There you will see a button, a sponsor ship button that you just click on. Make sure you're logged into the new version of YouTube. Just type in

Luke: Just a word of warning, it doesn't work on IOS just yet.

Kevin: Cause the... the sponsorship is still in beta.

Luke: So to become a sponsor you must be using Android or PC. And that's about it for sponsorships, if you guys can't support us, that is totally cool.

Kevin: You can still support SMG4 and everything that we do by just watching more of our videos.

Luke: We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for getting us here right now. And we hope we will make many more SMG4 videos and Hobo Bros videos to come.

Kevin: We're never gonna stop doing what we do, we have some really big projects coming up.

Luke: And it's gonna be spicy! WOO!

(Kevin begins to laugh.)

Luke: Thanks for watching everybody!

Both: See you guys next time!

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