Not to be confused with her Meta Runner counterpart.
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Belle Fontiere is a minor character in the SMG4 series.

She makes her first appearance in the episode S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4! who acts as a doppelganger counterpart to Tari. She is a cyborg gamer and aspiring play actor and a member of SMG3's Gang, thus an friend of SMG3's. Belle is a recurring antagonist in The YouTube Arc.

Likewise, she is reprised by her voice actor, Jessica Fallico, who voices her Meta Runner counterpart.


Belle Fontiere is a slim tall young woman who has bright red orange colored hair with orange streaks in a messy ponytail and has orange eyes and pink cheeks. Like Tari, she has a cybernetic bionic left arm which plays into her uncanny gaming skill, with red circuitry and light on the back of her hand, and a red winged tattoo on the forearm. She wears a short-sleeved white jacket with blue threads and a black undershirt, black pants with white belt, and black boots.


Like her Meta Runner counterpart, Belle is shown to be both laid-back yet immensely competitive. However, she is more angrier than the original while she still has her sass.

She is the opposite of Tari's personality, as she acts more aggressively than she does and is much less friendly. In addition, she has a right metal arm instead of a left one.


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  • Unlike her Meta Runner counterpart, she has orange eyes instead of burgundy, and speaks in an Australian-American accent as opposed to her thick Australian accent in the original series.
  • Tari notes Belle seeming familiar, as a nod to their rivalry in Meta Runner. It gives the impression they may have met each other.
  • Unlike Meta Runner, Belle, while still a gamer, isn't employed by TASCorp, nor is there any mention of Lucks, rather a volunteer actor for a play by Cromulus, and later lackey to SMG3. Due to Tari's backstory being entirely vague in Super Mario 64 Bloopers's continuity, the same may apply to Belle.
  • Like Meta Runner, Belle is a competent lackey to the main antagonist who wears blue and is the head of an shady entertainment corporation (SMG3 and Snitch Productions in SMG4, Lux and TASCorp for Meta Runner).
  • Her customized model bears heavy resemblance to the design Meggy's human model, rather than resembling Tari's customized SMG4 model.
  • Ironically, Tari and Belle debuts in the SMG4Verse and the Meta Runner Universe are reversed. Tari first appeared in SMG4 before appearing in Meta Runner, and is thus considered a SMG4 original character, but her inclusion was to foreshadow her role as the latter show's protagonist, whereas Belle first appeared in Meta Runner and her eventual appearance in SMG4 was completely unannounced and unexpected, and thus regarded a canon immigrant to the bloopers continuity.
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