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Bendy is a cartoon character who is also the overarching main antagonist in the Bendy series as his monster form, referred to as Ink Bendy. In the Bendy franchise, Bendy serves as Joey Drew Studios' mascot as well as a character in his own cartoon.

In SMG4, Bendy is a playful, mischievous, tap dancing demon, much like his cartoon counterpart. He made his first debut in ♫ The Ultimate Smash Bros ♫ where in the video he was crushed by a Tetris block. Bendy made a more major appearance in SMG4: BENDY and the SPAGHETTI MACHINE.


In SMG4: Bendy and the SPAGHETTI MACHINE, Bendy is first seen as a cardboard cutout and later in his spaghetti commercial. Bendy would later appear in person as Mario tries to turn on the spaghetti machine and play around with Mario which included pushing things off a shelf that would fall on top of Mario. Eventually, he is led off track with Goofy following him once Mario hid inside the Boris corpse.

Bendy would appear next in the food storage room to surprise Mario, but Mario would kick a bucket of ink toward Bendy, splashing it onto the Ink Demon, making him resemble Ink Bendy. This would anger Bendy for getting ink on the walls, floor, and him. Bendy proceeds to go to a pile of poultry and throw them towards Mario. Once Bendy successfully hit Mario with chickens, it sent Mario flying straight toward the stove which would cause the stove to turn on and transform the chicken on top of it into a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken which would be used for one of the podiums.

Bendy's next appearance was where Mario was getting attacked by ???, Bendy would free Mario from the chair and try saving Mario from ???'s Spaghetti children. Mario, however, wanted to eat the Spaghetti children to which Bendy would disagree to but Mario does so anyway. As Mario proceeds to eat the flying spaghetti Bendy watched Mario eat all the spaghetti and was just amazed. After 30 minutes have passed ??? would check to see if the two were dead, yet to his surprise, a giant plump Mario was sitting at the top. Bendy would then push Mario down the stairs towards ??? effectively knocking him out so he could be used on the podium.

Once the spaghetti machine was on it started to pile up quickly, Bendy would see this and quickly run out of the room will Mario would stare in awe as more and more spaghetti would pile up into a wave of spaghetti which would push him out of the room. Bendy in another room managed to save Mario from the spaghetti wave by quickly slamming the door shut. With the exit spotted Mario attempts to reach the hatch but isn't able to as it was too high up. With little time left Bendy decides to sacrifice his life to save Mario by throwing him up through the hatch all the way to the top. As Mario is approaching the surface Bendy is last seen waving goodbye and thanking Mario for playing with him, the spaghetti wave breaks into the entrance room and encompasses Bendy, possibly killing him. However, because he's made out of ink, it is highly possible that he survived.


Unlike his original monstrous counterpart in the game, this Bendy appears more in his cartoonish form with a white face, gloves with three darts on each of them, black shoes, black body, and a white bow tie. He also has a tail.


Bendy at first seems to be someone who's interested in what's going on the spaghetti factory and if he sees someone, he will mischievously play and scare them to death. It is implied that he also hates people who make graffiti as he gets angry when Mario threw ink at him yet he was angry about the ink on the walls (even though the messages written on the walls in the studio are written in ink). Later in the video, he seems to help like to help people like in his cartoon. And will sacrifice himself to save others. As he rescues Mario from ??? (Bendy and the Spaghetti Machine), and throws him up to the exit hole when the big spaghetti wave gets into the room where the exit hole is.




  • Bendy's monster form, referred to as Ink Bendy, is the titular main antagonist of the game Bendy and the Ink Machine, the first antagonist in its prequel Boris and the Dark Survival, and the titular main antagonist of its upcoming sequel, Bendy and the Dark Revival. Unlike in the games where he tries to kill the player, Bendy appears as a good guy who wants to play with other people just like in the cartoons.
  • In the video, Bendy seems to have a tail.
  • Bendy's GMod model was only in both fan and prototype builds, as Bendy had a tail and his gloves had three darts on them instead of two buttons, which the original cartoon Bendy had.
  • In the cartoon, Bendy has a yellow-brown face and gloves while in real life he has a white face and gloves.
  • A running gag throughout the episode involved Mario mistaking Bendy for 90-year old cartoon character Mickey Mouse.
  • In the bit where he gets ink splashed on him, his face looks like his in-game counterpart's face.
  • Bendy is shown to be the mascot of the Fresh Spaghetti Tubbie.

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