Bendy is a character in SMG4. He makes his first appearance as a cameo in The Ultimate Smash Bros where he is seen walking but gets crushed by a Tetris block. He makes a more major appearance in SMG4: BENDY and the SPAGHETTI MACHINE where he helps Mario get out of the spaghetti machine. He also helped Mario from ??? (Bendy and the Spaghetti Machine). But when Mario activates the spaghetti machine on its fast setting it starts filling the room quickly. they both go to the exit where Bendy throws the plumber in order to save him from the spaghetti. bendy gets crushed by the spaghetti and possibly dies.


Unlike his original monsterous counterpart in the game, this Bendy appears more in his cartoonish form with white face, gloves with three darts on each of them, black shoes, black body and white bowtie. He also have a tail.


Bendy at first seems to be someone who's interested in what's going on the spaghetti factory and mischievously Play and scare them to death. It is implied that he also hates people who make graffiti as he gets angry when Mario throwed paint at him yet he was angry about the paint on the walls. Later in the video, he seems to help like to help people like in his cartoon. And will secrefice himself to save others. As he rescues Mario from ??? (Bendy and the Spaghetti Machine), and throws him up to the exit hole when the big spaghetti wave gets into the room where the exit hole is.


  • Bendy is an antagonist of the game Bendy and the Ink Machine.
  • Unlike in the game Bendy appears as a good guy who wants to play with other people.
  • In the video, Bendy seems to have a tail.
  • Bendy's g'mod was only in both fans and prototype built.
  • In the cartoon Bendy have yellow brown face and gloves while in real life he have white face and gloves.
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