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Bessie is a cow that first appeared in SMG4: Mario Goes to the Fridge to Get a Glass Of Milk.


In her debut episode, Luigi tries to milk her, but rather than simply milk her, he instead shows her compassion, causing her to make a cliche kawaii blush. As the day goes on, Bessie only produced one drop of milk, yet Luigi still shows her love and compassion. The day soon turns into night, and Jeeves arrives to see if they produced a tank of milk. Seeing that they did not, he gets mad.

Luigi, not wanting any of Jeeves's punishment, makes a run for it, but Jeeves catches up. Jeeves prepares to give Luigi his signature spanking for disobeying him. However, Bessie shapeshifts into a Demon, enraged. She explains that she and her fellow cows already hated being milked to death, but Jeeves hurting someone who showed her love was going too far. She then declares an uprising, causing the other cows to raise weapons, and Jeeves to summon his bodyguards.

As the bloody conflict unfolds, Luigi frees Toad, who goes to quickly grab a crate of milk. However, Jeeves arrives and prepares to kill Toad. Fortunately, Bessie arrives and kicks Jeeves far away. As Toad brings the crate to a nearby truck where the other two are preparing to drive off, Luigi waves goodbye to Bessie. Bessie reverts back into her normal cow form and waves goodbye to Luigi, but Toad ends the farewell early by jumping into Luigi and through the window.


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