Not to be confused with his original counterpart.

Beta Luigi is the beta version of Luigi based on Luigi's appearance from Super Mario 64. He only appears in SMG4: AREA 64. Mario found him chained up while infiltrating the N64 base to save Bowser.

He freed Beta Luigi and they tried to find Bowser and escape but at some point all the soldiers were sucked in a portal along with Beta Luigi, much to Mario's sadness.

In the end, it's revealed that while they were no longer in Mario's universe, the soldiers and Beta Luigi survived, as they were shown in their own game called Super Mario Crane Game.


  • He is similar to Clone Mario, though unlike Clone Mario, he actually survived his debut episode.
  • His g-mod model was based on the Super Mario 64 model created by V-Tone, who served as "easter egg" on a level editor called Toad's Tool 64
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