Not to be confused with Bugs Bunny.

Big Chungi (singular Big Chungus, also known as their real name Bugs Bunny) are minor characters in the SMG4 series.

They are a species originating from a popular meme of the same name. They resemble the character Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes when he looks like Elmer Fudd. Although they seem primitive, they do have a court system. They are now working in "Chungus Games" and developed their own game, titled after them. As the meme that made them popular are dead now, they are currently in the Internet Graveyard.


They're a Bugs Bunny mimicking Elmer Fudd.


Big Chungi appear to be primitive, but they have a police and court system. They also seem to be fond of Spaghetti as one sucked up all of Mario's spaghetti. They also seem to scare their enemies if they threaten them as the same Chungus threatened Mario's Chain Chomps about whipping their butts, causing them to run away. Mario seemingly killed the Big Chungus who ate his spaghetti by roasting him.


Notable Members[]


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