Big Smoke (Real name: Melvin Harris) is a major character from the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. but a minor character in SMG4's videos.


Retarded64: Mario The WaiterEdit

In his debut episode, he orders his meal via a song but Mario got bored and left. He later returns to hit Mario for the bad attitude Mario gave to him.

♫ The Ultimate Smash Bros ♫Edit

He appears as one of the contestants who appeared and defeated Sakurai. Since he does not appear again after that, it can be assumed that he was blasted out of the stage.

Mario VS Sonic: PRANK BATTLEEdit

In this episode, he orders a taco at Waluigi's Taco Stand. However, Wario puts toothpaste in his taco and quickly blames Waluigi for the deed, causing Big Smoke to attack him for trying to kill him.

SMG4: MarioTubeEdit

He appears as a house owner in Wario's segment chasing him out of his house.

Stupid Mario OdysseyEdit

He appears getting hit by Mario possessing a Bullet Bill.

SMG4: The Mario CaféEdit

He appears as one of the customers happy about the new dip offer.

SMG4: Mario's Prison EscapeEdit

He appears as the prison cook. While talking with Voldemort, he saw him get attacked by a projectile. Turning to face the projectile's direction, Mario quickly accused Luigi of what happened. Mad, he attacked Luigi, not knowing that Mario used that to poison the food which he later served for the prisoners. He does not appear again after this.

SMG4: Mario Works at McDonaldsEdit

He appears at the Drive-Thru of McDonald's as a customer. He escapes with the food, but without paying. As Big Smoke's about to eat his meal, he is shot by Mario.

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