Birdo is a possibly gender-confused/trans-gender creature of a dinosaur-type species that first appeared in the video game Super Mario Bros. 2. A Birdo makes a small appearance in SuperMarioGlitchy4's video "Cooking with Mario and Bowser 2!" as one of the customers at the rivals' new restaurant. 

In it, Birdo is just a quick cameo who sits at one of the tables. "She" appears in Gmod form. She also reappear in the blooper "SM64 Tales: Thwompin' and Whompin'" as a sprite from SMB2.

According to theories, Birdo is a transexual because "she" says "she" is a girl in the Nintendo games, but the Nintendo guidebook says Birdo is a boy. Also in real life, Birdo is Yoshi's partner (that is, Yoshi's girlfriend... or does that mean boyfriend!?).

Birdo appears in An Overdose of Dr. Mario as Mario's replacement nurse but soon replaced by Barrage after she was killed as well.

Birdo appears as a cameo in SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer.

Many appear in SMG4: The Melancholy of Fishy Boopkins at Bob's concert.

Birdo also makes a cameo in SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D World.



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