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EmmaDoezStuff EmmaDoezStuff 6 days ago

Rest in pieces Spudnick

Call me stupid, but only now that I found Spudnick's corpse in the 10 year anniversary special. He will be missed... R.I.P. Spudnick.

I will never forgive Tedi for touching the children.

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 8 days ago

The Containment

Release soon in 2021, i guess

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 14 days ago


Coming Soon

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Mateus.mourao.1 Mateus.mourao.1 25 days ago

Episode Idea

It's late November, and Mario is really looking forward for Christmas. He feels worried that he's gonna be in the Naughty list considering his... past transgressions. He decides to go around helping people for the holidays, but just like before, his stupid antics and clumsiness leads to him ruining everything. After 3 days of unintentional mischief, Mario decides to just intern at an orphanage. Unfortunately, he gets annoyed from some of the kids' behaviors, and questionable activities. Not to mention the Orphanage's headmaster is extremely bossy towards him, giving him unpleasant flashbacks...

After a simple, small mistake on Mario's part that leads to the headmaster yelling at him (as well insulting his favorite food!), the plumber cannot…

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Ed Felix Ed Felix 15 June

SMG4: Mario and the Inferno

This is a fan episode and should not be added to any wiki page. Inspired by the Deepwater Horizon and Piper Alpha tragedies.

At a lottery, Mario suddenly won a grand prize to visit the Deep Mushroom Piper oil platform off the coast of Rockford, even though he wanted the constollation prize of a year's batch of spaghetti. Therefore, he invited SMG4, Luigi, Bob, Boopkins and Tari to the oil platform owned by Petroom. There, a Toad worker gives them a tour.

Unbeknownst to them, there is a plot that involved Wario and Waluigi trying to steal the oil and gas to make a fortune. They got on the oil platform and shut off the gas pipe to store it in a gas cannister. Unfortunately, a worker spotted them, and Wario tried to shoot him, but the bullet ri…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 7 June


Creator's Note: If you think this is a SMG4 fallout series, then yes, i'm going to make this all by myself... and maybe some ideas from some users for a little help, so let's get into it

[News intro]

News Reporter: Breaking news, The Nuclear Power Station of [Static] has starting to melt down, all civilians should be far away of the station, for those who are inside of the 5000 kilometers area will be contaminated, evacuations are primary, the cities who are under the 5000 kilometers are: Woopwoop Kingdom, [Static] and Mushroom Kingdom. If you are inside of the contamination area, you need to get out immediately [Static] there isn't much time, let's get out of- WHAT THE HE- [EXPLOSION]

Message: Warning, The Power Station has exploded, the rad…

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Mateus.mourao.1 Mateus.mourao.1 7 June

Quick question

So uh, should we make a new background for this wiki?

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 5 June

10 Towers

Tower Prime | Size: 1000ft (30480 cm)

Tower Kronos | Size: 970ft (29565 cm)

Tower Bohemian | Size: 910ft (27736 cm)

Tower Tyranus | Size: 870ft (26517 cm)

Tower Thaumiel | Size: 810ft (24688 cm)

Tower Dannoukalis | Size: 780ft (23774 cm)

Tower Skolopendra | Size: 730ft (22250 cm)

Tower Nanotyrannus | Size: 680ft (20726 cm)

Tower Griever | Size: 600ft (18288 cm)

Tower Silencer | Size: 550ft (16764 cm)

All towers are controled by The Government of [REDACTED], it took 9 months for the constructions of the 10 towers at the same time, yes all of the 10 towers have been build at the same time.

All towers have antennas on the final floors and defence weapons in case of an raid.

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 4 June

UltraHit5 in a Nutshell

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 26 May


Doncaster is a Suburb in [REDACTED], the suburb is close to the so called Mushroom Kingdom, even if Doncaster is very far way to the kingdom, is one of the closest suburbs of the city of [REDACTED], along side with [REDACTED] and for the last [REDACTED].

  • 1 Etymology
  • 2 Landmarks
  • 3 Transport
  • 4 "13 Points Incident" Cold Case

The name Doncaster is a reference for the city of Doncaster in England, it was named after the river name Don, a Celtic name meaning 'water'

  • The Wall Entrace
  • Police Station
  • Military Base
  • Bunkers
  • 400 Houses
  • 20 Condominiums
  • 4 Neighborhoods
  • 6 Forest Parks
  • 1 Giant Forest

If you want to get in the Suburb of Doncaster, there are some avaliable ways to enter the suburb but it only works when you are inside the city and not from the suburb, so to m…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 25 May

Megalo Confederation

Megalo Confederation ,as it says on it's name, a confederation created for [Information not avaliable, proceed with next information]

  • 1 Foundation
  • 2 War of The Senate
  • 3 Deactivation
  • 4 Reactivation and "13 Points Incident"
  • 5 Operation A113

The foundation of the confederation came after The [REDACTED] War, the defeat of [REDACTED] and the separation of [REDACTED], after that, the confederation became isolated from the world.

A few years later after the war, the group tried to conquer the entire senate but it was defeated by [REDACTED], they declare war to the senate but it was a failure, they backed up until they we're surrounded in a beach, they had no choice to escape by the seas, there is no trace of the Confederation.

Several years have passed and there was…

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Why the new SMG4 is different?

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The waifus
  • 3 The channel nowadays
  • 4 Da Conclussion

Heya, i'm R.LUHVER, i am a latin SMG4 fan.

But that doesn't matter, does it? You are here because like me, you think SMG4 isn't as great as before, so let's go exaxtly at the point.

I met SMG4 when i was like 8 years old, i saw that video of the Retarded64 when Mario fighted Springtrap, and i subscribed and watched other videos like that. Exactly, from the good ol' ones, y' know. One of my favorites is 'If Mario was in...Cuphead', 'R64: Mario's boat trip', 'If Mario was in Baldi's Basics', among others, yeah. So, actually, the Baldi one was the last video i laughed. Why? Was the last video starring Mario.

But, why did i say that Mario isn't the main character anymore? Go to the part …

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TherealCloudmain TherealCloudmain 20 May

Catalog of fan characters because yes

This page serves as a catalog for all the SMG4 fan characters I have discovered. The reason why I made this is because I would like to have a record of such things in case of an...unfortunate event.

Due to the fact that RicoGamerBoi is controversial because he made the mistake of damning his soul by embracing shipping, I have disabled comments. Rico, if you see this, THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO STOP TOXICITY IS TO STOP SHIPPING THE DAMN CHARACTERS!

  • 1 what if?
  • 2 Genderswap
  • 3 Shipping
  • 4 Inksona
  • 5 Other

  • Human Desti
  • Ninjala Meggy
  • Inkling Tari
  • Inkling Saiko
  • Octoling Melony
  • Inkling Melony
  • Ninjala Desti
  • Afro(Octoling Mario)

  • Axelle

  • Carina Spletzer
  • Miles Mario
  • Magenta(daughter of Desti and a Sonic fan OC)
  • Nova(Inkling)

  • Zealos5
  • RicoGamerBoi
  • Shadby(Possibly)
  • I would say BigRedChe…

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Ed Felix Ed Felix 16 May

Map of Mushroom City

The map of the Mushroom Capital Region, capital of the Mushroom Kingdom, as shown to the side.

Peach's Castle is an enclave of Rockford, connected to the main area by the Mushroom Bridge.

It is theorized that there are more, but so far these are shown.

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Arrowhead9 Arrowhead9 15 May



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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 6 May

The Battalion Season 1

Hippty hoppty you will never know what was here

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 6 May

The Battalion Season 2

Hippty hoppty you will never know what was here

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 6 May

The Battalion Season 3

Hippty hoppty you will never know what was here

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 6 May

The Battalion Season 4

Hippty hoppty you will never know what was here

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 6 May

The Battalion Season 5

Hippty hoppty you will never know what was here

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hi guys just joined



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SMG4 10th Anniversary Tribute

Hello there!

I made a little tribute to SMG4's 10th Anniversary. It's titled simply 'PISSA'. This is a commercial (ft. SMG4 and Mario) brainwashing you into thinking pissa is garbage, when in reality, it's GARBAGE. Expect some funny references to older SMG4 jokes, including a Luigi one (only Classic SMG4 fans will get this) along with some new jokes. What are you waiting for? Go and check it out!

Thank you.

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FinnyRises FinnyRises 29 April

SMG4 N' Pals (fanmade DVD)

SMG4 N' Pals

April 22, 2021
5 (6 counting the bonus episode)
Running time
57 minutes

SMG4 N' Pals is an Retarded64, SM64 Bloopers, Sunset Paradise, and SMG4 DVD that was released exclusively in Australia and the United States on September 2, 2020. It contains five episodes. This DVD is based on the episode with the same name.

Mario Goes Shopping
Mario just does some shopping for Peach.
Super Happy Fun Fun Gameshow
Are you ready for a super happy fun, fun time! well come along and join Mario (and that piece of crap, Frankie) in a fun gameshow! a super happy fun, fun one!
Mushroom Wars: That Space Series?
The princess goes to "Weegee Star", an evil planet,

and takes the plan of the evil Lord Vader, Mario, Hobo, and the …

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Thesupernessiiiii Thesupernessiiiii 20 April

Two Melony's Theory (+Evil Melony rant)

This is a theory that I have been working on for a long time. I'm not going to say I think this theory is right. I am about 80% sure it is correct by this point. But even if that is true; I more just wish the theory was true. So without further ado let's start this thing.

Evidence I found after Mask of Madness.

In "SMG4 Christmas Special 2020" SMG3 narrates the entire episode. But there are few inconsistencies and most of them have to do with Melony. SMG3 views Melony as her human form even though he should not know about her transformation. Not only that; but he decided to end his story by a nuke dropping on Peach's Castle; killing everyone who appeared in the story. However in the Youtube arch SMG3 praised Melony in almost every episode th…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 19 April


In a long time ago, there was a city who had been in a gang war in the entire city.

After the gang war started, an task force has been send to deal the situation, for some reason the signal of the members had been offline, your mission is to find the missing members and escape, the situation is in your hands

  • 1 Operation Ground Breakers
  • 2 Operation City of The Rivers
  • 3 Operation Kinetic Frontline
  • 4 Operation Heavy Bomber
  • 5 Operation APEX Armor
  • 6 Operation Code Breakers
  • 7 Operation Cidatel
  • 8 Operation Light Cruiser

High Command: This is the first phase, you're going to jump from a plane, since we don't know how is the city by ourselfes, you're going to jump and take at least one or two pictures of the city so we can actually see how it is, it will be a hard o…

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Creeperforce24 Creeperforce24 1 April



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Railknight Railknight 25 March


Welcome to the SMG4's fandom Wikipedia, this is Railknight speaking.

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 13 March

The Iceberg of The Horror

In development but occupied doing some things

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 9 March


RR 'kua-edo a'ai (Settle down,settle down) / RR gui 'OHdi baraHUnde (Behold the Barahunde) / a'ai gui 'kua-edo (The communication will become silenced) / nnAH' ulwa thrAA 'USHvol tido huo (We must send a command:everyone retreat immediately) / un'uhl" ii yast ko (I will send the warriors to the underground) / 'bue nibu sikk an-o' (The "Sword Enemies" can't find this) / ohrhi poteko poka ki'ah RRge kuRR kas im-i eRRkah (If the Huge Weapon's Weapon is taken and used against us,we all going to die)

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Abdul8910 Abdul8910 8 March

What is your favourite SMG4 character reply in the comments

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 3 March

This is a blog for some [REDACTED] for [REDACTED] and they are very extended than you might think...i'm serious about that, believe me on this one, it is too hard to wrote all of them...

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Lol Tankman Lol Tankman 16 May

*italian gibberish*

Hey, stinky

Mario's got-a 4 IQ


Mamma mia

That's-a so nice!

Hey, I'm-a hungry

Looks like-a Mario win this time!

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 24 February

My new series

I am creating and editing my new series,it already has a name,and i already predicted some questions.

Question One:Is inside the SM64 Universe? Awnser:No, it is not in the SM64 universe, is in another universe that maybe everyone in this community doesn't know it exists

Question Two:How long it is the series? Awnser:It is five seasons, actually it is parts who are somehow a lot of big, just think JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and you will understand what am i meaning but no vampires, hamon, stands (maybe) and bizarre people

Question Three:What is the story? Awnser:Find where i put it in the wiki that i said the series is becausse i don't wanna say where it is because i have the power somehow and it looks like Bill Wurtz who created "history of the…

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Ed Felix Ed Felix 21 February

Review of SMG4: Stupid Bowser's Fury

In my opinion, I believe part of it represents some of the fans' opinions on the thought that the series is deteriorating in quality. The Cats play could reference their thoughts on the decline of the series, believing it does not capture the glamor and feel of the classic era, plus their thoughts of the alleged cringe in the present day. Fury Bowser represents their disappointment towards the series for not catering to their needs and expectations, not to mention the reception The Resurrection had that might had been referenced in that character. Fury Bowser's destruction can also play the toxicity of the fanbase being unsatisfied for their story of The Resurrection. It showed as a message that sometimes the fanbase may be toxic, and SMG4 po…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 13 February


Multi-Siren is an new Sub-Species of Siren head just like Head Light,Meatgrinder,Great Mother Megaphone,Megahorn,Ice Siren Head,Blood Siren Head,Wood Siren Head and Shadow Siren Head,but Multi-Siren is way more dangerous than any Siren Head know because it have one ability than no Siren Head could have,the mind control,if a human don't escape from the mind control as the time passes,this same person controled will lost his mind and become a Siren Head

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CrackheadMcGee CrackheadMcGee 13 February

List of Deaths - Season Two

This page is a list of all the deaths in season two. I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it!

For the full list, click here.

For the list of deaths in Season One, click here.

  • 1 Season 2
    • 1.1 P-O-I-S-O-N-E-D Computer
    • 1.2 How Mario was Born
    • 1.3 Brother Love
    • 1.4 Super Mario 64 Halloween Special 2011
    • 1.5 Mario Takes the Idiot Test
    • 1.6 War of the Fat Italians 2011
    • 1.7 SMG4 vs SMG3
    • 1.8 Operation G.A.Y
    • 1.9 The Switheroo-Overalls
    • 1.10 Mini Italians
    • 1.11 Awkwards Weddings
    • 1.12 The Crazy Fighters
    • 1.13 99% Idiot
    • 1.14 Crystal Funhouse
    • 1.15 Hunt for the Hero's Clothes
    • 1.16 Super Mario 64 Christmas Special 2011
    • 1.17 Bowser and the Nightmare Stone
    • 1.18 Rich Glitch
    • 1.19 Orbical Adventures
    • 1.20 Wallets and Dinosaurs
    • 1.21 Desert Head
    • 1.22 The Babysitters
    • 1.23 Breaking Walls
    • 1.24 The Mushroom Mafia
    • 1.25 Mii Chann…

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Mikey Spletzer Mikey Spletzer 13 February

For Fun: Band Geeks: SMG4 edition

[SMG4 intro]

[A horrible sound is heard, which turns out to be Bob playing his synthesizer (Author Note: I gonna make some edits), until Dr. Mario with a paramedic come to them.]

Dr. Mario: Yeah, uhh, we're with the pet hospital down the street and I understand that you have a dying animal here.

[Bob kicks them out. The phone starts to ring.]

Bob: Hello. You've reached the house of unrecognized talent. Please start after the...

[plays a Synthesizer note.]

???: Sounds like you've got a dying animal to attend to, eh, ol' chum?

Bob: [gasps] Richmond Richards from band class?!

Richmond: I hear you're playing the cash register now.

Bob: Sometimes. Uh, how's the hair?

Richmond: It's big and valuable. I'm the leader of a Big Rich Band now, and we're supposed to …

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Mikey Spletzer Mikey Spletzer 11 February

Another archive:

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Mikey Spletzer Mikey Spletzer 6 February

For archive:

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 2 February

Herobrine is coming

We can't escape from him,there is no escape,it doesn't matter what happend,Herobrine will find a way to capture you..and then kill you and torture your soul for the rest of your entire life until you never existed...

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 1 February


Do you remember Red from Godzilla NES? The most disturbing creepypasta of all time? Oh you never heard about it before? Then i'll explain,Red is from an creepypasta who says it's an modified game of Godzilla:King of Monsters and if you die in the game,you die in real life

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 29 January

My drawings

Note;This is where i post my drawings that i could save so here's the first one

This is the only one that i saved and also i made this one only using Paint of Windows 7,now i have Windows 10 because somehow my 7 has exploded,and i don't mean an explosion,and that's all lads,i'll try to make a W10 Version

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 28 January

How many characters appeared in SMG4

That's a good question but how many had appeared in SMG4 Videos but hey that's just a theory,a film theory (Hope you liked the reference :D)

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Thesupernessiiiii Thesupernessiiiii 27 January

The Mushroom memedom Arch (Fanfic arch) (Episode 5)

This is episode 4 to what will be a 8-9 episode series. If you did not read the last episode; you can click here.

"SMG4: Mario's Mask Of Madness" will not be canon in this series nor will it be referenced in this episode.

Sorry this episode is shorter then usual. I couldn't think of a way to make this episode longer without making it awkward.

Episode 5

SMG4: A Melony Story

Melony?: “Let me tell you a story… about a Melon who was left behind.”

Melony?: “On one lonely Christmas night this Watermelon found herself in some kind of Watermelon patch… she was confused… She couldn’t speak or move; she was just forced to just sit, stare and wonder… “Are these my family? Why am I like this? Why do I feel like… I should be able to do more?” She was forced …

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 23 January


Ultranium, one of the newest mixed type group, founded in [REDACTED] of [REDACTED], in [REDACTED].

It looks like the group is a Mafia type but the system is more different than an usual Mafia, it uses the gangster system unlike some Mafias.

Is it possible there is a headquarters somewhere in the world but is unknown where is located. We are still trying to figure it out where is located.

In recent days, one task force with some of our agents have been in a abandoned facility and one of them found some files in a abandoned room, it was discovered about some possible members or possible former members, we tried to find them but we discovered 4 of 10 possible members were dead and the know 3th Brother is in a coma, the other five know members ar…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 22 January

Why i don't post a new blog on SMG4 Wiki

I almost have nothing to do because the school has started

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CrackheadMcGee CrackheadMcGee 18 January

List of Deaths - Season One

This page is a list of all the deaths in season one. I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it!

For the full list, click here.

For the list of deaths in Season Two, click here.

  • 1 Season 1
    • 1.1 The Cake Is a Lie!
    • 1.2 Dreams
    • 1.3 Flashbacks
    • 1.4 Time Freeze
    • 1.5 Mario's Guide to Defeating Bowser
    • 1.6 Blooper Problems
    • 1.7 Just Like Any Other Day
    • 1.8 Quest for a Console
    • 1.9 Have you seen this Polygon?
    • 1.10 A Painful Day in the Paper World
    • 1.11 An Adventurous Drive
    • 1.12 A Day Without Peach
    • 1.13 Darkness Takes Over
    • 1.14 Charming Peach
    • 1.15 Luigi's Payback
    • 1.16 Master of Fail Disguises
    • 1.17 Mario Quits
    • 1.18 A Random Day
    • 1.19 Losing Your N64
    • 1.20 Bowser the Unhappy Fat Turtle
    • 1.21 Enter X
    • 1.22 The Land that Never Was
    • 1.23 The Visitor (2011)
    • 1.24 Account Loss
    • 1.25 Restoring Normality
    • 1.26 Mario at the Olympic G…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 15 January

Revisiting my Nintendo Wii

Yes i do have a Wii,ok what i'll be talking about is my carrer at Mario Kart,and jesus christ,it was more impressive than i remember,man...if you ask how many times i become a champion in Mario Kart,the awnser is 7 times champion of Mario Kart,yes even Mirror i won,i'm asking to i got too many victories in Mario Kart...

Edit:I just win again two times and does it make me Enea-Champion of Mario Kart

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 15 January

My icebergs theories

I'll be creating some icebergs,the firsts icebergs created will be talking about legends,myths and horror stories of legends

Edit: The drive has been lost

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 9 January

Bad news


I woke up and there was a weird smell,i though it was nothing and i returned to sleep.I woke up again,with the same smell,i checked the tower of my PC,i found out where the smell was coming...on the same day,i had nothing to do,for the most part of the day i did nothing,i put some notes inside my Wii,i played with my Wii and no more...


We got some pieces for the tower,we put the things back where it was but...there is something wrong with my tower,remember the smell,well...i think where the smell was coming did something with the rest of the tower...i think the worst part is all my drawings,i mean all of them,all my work,everything will have the end,i did a lot of things for nothing...i did all those drawings for nothing…

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