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ТимВан ТимВан 14 days ago

... I don't know how to name this episode of "SMG4 Edition"

Happy Orthodox Christmas!

SMG4: You know what is a difference between politicians and Santa Claus? In Santa, at least, someone believe.

Bob: Yeah. Now, the criminal chronicle: at 25 of December, Santa Claus, who sleeped in snow, was hospitalized with HOHOHOHOHOHypothermia (Author Note: In Russian, this pun is sounds better.).

SMG4: Well, as you see, Santas have a fun and easy Christmas. Or they have several articles of the Criminal Code.

Bob: Welp, Mushroom-City, City ​​Police Department.

(Theater disappears and we see Mario in Santa Claus costume in Police Department; he sleep. Hall Monitor comes in.)

Monitor: Ahem...

(Mario wakes up.)

Monitor: Did you woke up, our hero?

Mario: ... Hi.

Monitor: Hi.

Mario: Where am I?

Monitor: You're at home. Well, af…

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SMG56546446 SMG56546446 16 days ago

welcome to my blog

hello good peoples

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ТимВан ТимВан 31 December 2021

SMG4's Christmas Carol

As I promised, my version of Christmas Carol is here. This episode is a special, as here I using original script. Characters:

  • Ebenezer Scrooge — Bob Bobowski
  • Bob Cratchit — SMG4
  • Ghost Of Christmas Past — Spudnick
  • Ghost Of Christmas Present — Axol
  • Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come — Desti
  • Tiny Tim — Fishy Boopkins
  • Other Bob's children — JubJub Boopkins and Goomba
  • Mrs. Cratchit — Tari (NO SHIPPING HERE)
  • Old Joe — SMG3
  • Jacob Marley — Mario
  • Nephew Fred — Rob the Scarecrow
  • Portly Gentlemen (Ladies here) — Meggy Spletzer and Melony
  • Mrs. Dilber — Saiko Bichitaru
  • Belle — Belle Fontiere (SMG4) (Brain!)
  • Fan Scrooge — Female Bob (I'm out of ideas)
  • Mr. Fezziwig — Bowser

Ok, let's go!

(SMG4 Christmas intro.)

(Ebenezer Scrooge and Old Joe walks at snowed streets of Mushroom-…

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Zombie12398 Zombie12398 24 December 2021



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YellowCaballeroFan YellowCaballeroFan 19 December 2021


Hey guys! I'm going on vacation tomorrow! I'm going to be gone for two weeks. I'll try to be active on here, but I won't be on that often. I just wanted to let you guys know that. Have a good day!

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At3gq3tgqetyeqtgesthwrth At3gq3tgqetyeqtgesthwrth 18 December 2021

possibe new main character

So, in the new Episode, we got what seems to be a new character. He is even voice acted! He gives me an idea. In the Stream where he streamed till 5.1M subs, when making the new character, he read a dono that was like: "Make him (the new character) a deity king who can help Melony control her powers"

As you could see, he helped her with her powers. Maybe??

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Takeshi Ishii Takeshi Ishii 13 December 2021

As second opinion or chance?

Can someone have an opinion or something? (It may sound boooring, but thanks).

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MemeLordGamer Trap MemeLordGamer Trap 11 December 2021

Arc Idea: The Creepypasta Arc

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Synopsis
  • 3 Villains
  • 4 Episodes

Hello, this is my page for my fan-arc (Please note that I'm not forcing it to become a thing. Although I wish this could happen).


Lord X: also known as Sonic.EXE, the real version of this variant, is the main antagonist of John-Kun's "Sonic(PC PORT)", a game that reimagines the original Sonic.exe and the main antagonist of the arc. He is a supernatural entity from another dimension that greatly resembles Sonic the Hedgehog in many aspects, but is in fact greatly evil and powerful beyond scientific standard. To put it bluntly, he might be the darkest SMG4 villain ever and possibly even worst than Zer0. He can take many forms.

Slenderman 2.0: The variant of Slenderman that Lord X replaced with after the …

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Takeshi Ishii Takeshi Ishii 9 December 2021

Sunset Paradise logo needed

Can someone please make logo of Sunset Paradise?!

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Wisemhh-fduser Wisemhh-fduser 5 December 2021

Fan Arcs

The Enzo Arc

  1. Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Birthday Freakout.
  2. Sonic The Derphog: The Evilness Of Eggman(?)
  3. Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Visitor. (2014)
  4. SM64 Bloopers: Can the Villager come out to play?
  5. SM64 Christmas 2015 - Christmas Crazies
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Cs3790151 Cs3790151 4 December 2021

Someone has to update the page on smg4...

someone has to update the page on the character "smg4". it says he may be part italian because of "war of the fat italians" but that is just referring that he is a mario recolor, in a "ask smg4!" video he said he was part thai or something i forgot, go back and check that and add it to his page

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Cs3790151 Cs3790151 4 December 2021

Here to get the badge who else

Hi i make machinima and animations at uhh i have nothing else to say I'm here for the wiki badge so uhh yea thanks :) someone has to update the page on the character "smg4". it says he may be part italian because of "war of the fat italians" but that is just referring that he is a mario recolor, in a "ask smg4!" video he said he was part thai or something i forgot, go back and check that and add it to his page

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KingjorbstheGuy498 KingjorbstheGuy498 4 December 2021


Here to have the badge.

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Takeshi Ishii Takeshi Ishii 26 November 2021

When will the Old Wiki Admin Template be added?

I already know that template was for Wiki Admins who have been here for years.

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Takeshi Ishii Takeshi Ishii 26 November 2021

Hello, welcome to my Blod Post, dumba**

You can do anything and don't even try to violate the rules (Yes that's it).

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Aariz 4 Aariz 4 18 November 2021

Test post


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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 11 November 2021

How my arc would work

Hello user that is reading this, i am UltraHit5 and this is my page for my fan-arc (Please remember that i'm not forcing it to become a thing) , a few days ago, AkiLarry made a question on what would be our fan-arcs and i send my awnser, The Masterchef Arc.

(There's also this

Now let's get to The Masterchef Arc.

  • 1 The Masterchef Arc
    • 1.1 Episode 1: Waluigi teaches Meggy how to cook
    • 1.2 Episode 2: Food Truck Party
    • 1.3 Episode 3: The Masterchef's Arrival
    • 1.4 Episode 4: Waluigi's New Job
    • 1.5 Episode 5: Mario's Contestant Application
    • 1.6 Episode 6: The Island
    • 1.7 Episode 7: The Morning Challenge
    • 1.8 Episode 8: All Stars Labyrinth
    • 1.9 Episode 9: The Lunch Challenge
    • 1.10 Episode 10: The…

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I Dox False UTTP Member’s Email!

All false UTTP members email gets exposed. (NO DELETE MY BLOG POST ALLOWED)

Flynn Bonchano UTTP =

Miguel Bonchano UTTP =

Kevin Harino UTTP =

Jeff Bonchano UTTP =

Julian UTTP =

Ted Harino UTTP =

Greg Bonchano UTTP =

Robbie Harino UTTP =

Chad Carino UTTP THDTC =

Andreas Johnson UTTP =

Shaw Bonchano UTTP =

Dennis Bonchano UTTP =

Vlad UTTP =

Newton Cronano UTTP =

Stewart Cronano UTTP =

Jock Gelsin UTTP =

Harry Johnson UTTP =


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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 31 October 2021

Halloween Special 2021: The Overheaven Incident

[On construction]

Disclaimer: The following events are not related to any lore of the theory series. This Halloween Special will be divided in 3 parts. If any events happen in real life, it is just a coincidence.

[Intro rolls out] 0:00-0:26

  • 1 Step 1. Do your work
  • 2 Step 2. Find them
  • 3 Step 3. Explain to them
  • 4 Step 4. Prevent The Overheaven Incident

[For some reason, Trollface appears on the TV screen]

Trollface: Hello, i am Doctor Troll, here i'll show you how to get candy in halloween. There are 3 simple steps, are you ready?

Step 1. Live in Mushroom Kingdom.

Step 2. Wait for Halloween.

Step 3. It's 31 of October and now, prepare for your plan

Step 4. Get a fantasy (Bro tip: Use magnets for faster aquiring)


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ТимВан ТимВан 18 December 2021

SMG4: Stupid Spook (A. K. A. Dr. Valve's Fabulous Spook: SMG4 Edition.).

Happy Halloween, everyone!

(SMG4 Intro.)

(Camera shows Peach's castle door, then we hears doorbell, Rob appears in scene, comes to the door and squeaks like a rubber duck. The guest is Mario; he opens door and comes inside so fast that knoks Rob and makes wall (Behind the scene) explose. Then he appears behind Fishy Boopkins, who is sitting on sofa and throws him in a window, while he screams. Then he takes Melony (Author Note: She in her melon form. I choose it because originally Heavy takes a melon.) and throws her in Belle. After that Mario starts staring at glass table.)

Mario: (Fastly) Spaghetti!

(Light appears above the table and spaghetti falls on it. Then he takes cassette named "Stupid Spook", makes even more happy face and throws it …

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 25 October 2021

The Ultra's Arc Theory

Stage 1.

Stage 1.5.

Stage 2.

Theory #4

Theory #5

Theory #6

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Ed Felix Ed Felix 25 October 2021

Super Bell Subway

I made some concepts for the Super Bell Subway.

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PokeBrosinc PokeBrosinc 20 October 2021

yeah yeah yeah


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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 16 October 2021

Murder Drones Theory

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OmqItzAMuffin OmqItzAMuffin 15 October 2021

which one is better?

smg4 or sml you choose

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 15 October 2021

Glitch Theory

Note: Glitch Theory: Murder Drones Theory Part 2 will not be put here for good reasons

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 14 October 2021

SMG4 Theory

Note: SMG4 Theory: The Murder Drones Theory will not be put here for some reasons

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Orange Idol Orange Idol 10 October 2021

mama fcker

mama fcker

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FR13D 7473R FR13D 7473R 9 October 2021

Just In Case...

I've been going through Google Docs and found this, I think it might be useful to the Wiki but I don't remember how I got to it. I'm going to remove it anyway so I'm doing this to do safe. It's basically a bunch of Sunset Paradise models.

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Kyrian247 Kyrian247 8 October 2021

first blog in smg4 wiki


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FeltJarl FeltJarl 5 October 2021


Hi, this is my first blog post

pls sub to my YT channel

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SMGpig.22 SMGpig.22 2 October 2021

SMGpig vs SMG5

i am the winner

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Ed Felix Ed Felix 2 October 2021

Explaining Meggy's crimes

To anyone who are reading this:

Despite Meggy Spletzer acting all heroic and smart, nevertheless she had committed crimes in the past, charged or not, justifiable or not.

  • Negligence: It refers to malpractice of profession. This is exemplified by the fact that Meggy's a bad cook, who gets herself in a pickle with the simple things done wrong. As a result of her negligence, she accidentally caused the destruction of Bob's Mansion, which is classified as such.
  • Rioting: Usually a breach of the peace by civil disorder. She did this before when she was shooting at members of the Wild Wahs gang in the Mushroom Mesa, but was never charged on the grounds of vigilantism. She also participated in a shootout with Mario's mafia against Bowser's. This is j…
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EmmaDoezStuff EmmaDoezStuff 27 September 2021

Guardianz - Part One

So, you probably know four people. People known as the Super Meme Guardians. SMG1, SMG2, SMG3 and SMG4. They protect their avatar at all costs. Until, one day, their entire town was under attack. Why? Because plot you dumbass! Pretend I didn’t say that crossed out stuff…

So, everything was going normal in the mushroom Kingdom. Mario being an idiot, peach being over protective, Melony being a sleepy baby etc. everything was normal… Until someone was heard screaming.

"Stop everything! Kris, get the banana. GET THE BANANA, KRIS. THE BANANA! KRIS! GET IT!! GET IT!! GET THE BANANA!!! GET THE BANANA—"

Yeah. Queen was there for some reason. Someone threw a banana to shut her up… and that would be their last mistake. "ShUt uP yOu ScReAmInG lAdY" Bob claim…

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ТимВан ТимВан 18 December 2021

SMG4 Shorts: Melony Paints. (A. K. A. That Gray Cartoon Pony's "Pyro Paints": SMG4 Edition.


Hi, guys! I choose to turn "SMG4 Edition" into my own series!) Here's the second episode:

("SMG4 Shorts" intro: appears typical intro, but with music from "Retarded 64" intro. Then under SMG4 logo appears explose and word "Shorts")

Mario (Behind the scene): Mama f*cker!

(Intro ends. Everything is black, but then appears empty background. We hears steps sound. Then — sound like someone takes sth. We can see canvas' holder's leg. Starts playing peaceful music. Camera shows barrel of green paint, someone puts nearby the barrel of blue paint. Then we fully see holder. Someone puts canvas in it. Then camera shows background; someone makes it's fingers like a carmera. Camera shows that this someone is Melony, who getting ready to create new painti…

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MLP G4 FOREVER MLP G4 FOREVER 11 November 2021



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SenjouPropellors SenjouPropellors 21 September 2021

Ace Combat but with SMG4 operations

an entire page of operations carried out by the Mushroom Kingdom Air Force that I made up specifically for this

  • 1 Operation Pasta Bowl
  • 2 Operation Player Two
  • 3 Operation Meme Machine
  • 4 Operation Houkago
  • 5 Operation Three of a Kind
  • 6 Operation Big Smoke
  • 7 Operation Two Piece

SMG4 and Aeternus Squadron's first mission is to escort peach (callsign Mushroom One) from her castle to a private island after a series of insurrections in the kingdom. About 40 clicks away from the island, the squadron is attacked by 2 enemy F-104 Starfighters. Both were shot down immediately by Meggy, who quickly got behind them. However, the Starfighters managed to score a few hits on peach's plane. Nearly damaging the plane's rudder and ailerons. Despite the damage, the plane man…

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SenjouPropellors SenjouPropellors 21 September 2021

Ace Combat but with SMG4

I've been thinking of materializing an idea of SMG4 with fighter jets (the only Ace Combat thing in the game is the aircraft) so here's what I thought of while making this

  • 1 Aeternus Squadron
  • 2 Inbellicus Squadron
  • 3 Enemy Aces/Squadrons
  • 4 Supporting units

This is the main squadron of the mushroom kingdom. Only comprised of 3 people.

SMG4. Callsign Sierra One. SMG4 uses his signature F-16 Fighting Falcon, a multi-role jet that specializes in Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground. He is the squad leader of the fabled Aeternus Squadron, which goes by the nickname "The Guardians of the Princess"

SMG4's capable of visually tracking enemies but lacks G-Tolerance which makes him prone to blacking out while doing outlandish turns. He is also terrible at landing accura…

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La-Artist322 La-Artist322 18 September 2021

List of characters (my version)

As the user who first created a "list of characters" page in this wiki, and lots of edit were changed from me. So I decide to just create my own version to show I will have for myself.

Color guides:

  • Green: Alive
  • Red: Deceased
  • Blue: Unknown

Since I made this from before of the "characters" page. I will do more soon sometime after.

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Woomy Brigade Woomy Brigade 15 September 2021

SMG4 Name Mistake

SMG4 does not stand for SuperMemeGuardian4. It stands for Super Mario Glitchy 4 and he says it in Why I made Mario dumb

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 12 September 2021

The Arrival

After the events of Unit, 0005-UH has successfuly escaped from The Dreadnought and now he's traveling the unknown universe where who knows where his pod is going to land

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Yesyesyes02 Yesyesyes02 11 September 2021

a question

this may sound like shit, but it feels like most, if not, all the articles are featured.

please correct me if i'm wrong.

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Woomy Brigade Woomy Brigade 11 September 2021

Read my blog posts

A blog post will be coming out most days, about videos and more

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Woomy Brigade Woomy Brigade 10 September 2021

WOTFI 2021

I can't wait for this video to come out. The animations in the trailer look AMAZING. SMG4 you really make your videos awesome. :)

Comes out on september 18

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BlueCopperWire BlueCopperWire 15 August 2021

I predicted The Beginning Of The End's thumbnail

I made a drawing of an image to represent SMG0s return, and it is quite similar to the thumbnail of the new video. Thought it was quite interesting so I made a post about it. To prove I made it before the video dropped, I posted it here after I made it[1]

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Dubior Dubior 15 August 2021

Genesis Arc my predeiction

As I discussed a bit in the discussion in the comments section of @BlueCopperWire, I mentioned that Zero is not the last enemy in the Genesis Arc.Today, a new episode of the Genesis Arc was released, and we got to see a little bit of Zero's true self.In the new episode, we'll finally find out how to get into Zero's Guardian Pod, and we'll learn about Axol's movements. He refers to Japanese manga as "Japanese comic" when it should be "Japanese manga". In SMG4: The other universe, it was discovered that Zero can separate his body. This means that even if a part of the body is destroyed, as long as the main body exists, it is impossible to defeat it completely.Zero's only known abilities at this point are basically manipulating objects and a…

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HuyHanhwww HuyHanhwww 12 August 2021


Created a huge gallery of SUNSET PARADISE - EP 9: All Fall Down!

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EmmaDoezStuff EmmaDoezStuff 18 July 2021

Rest in pieces Spudnick

Call me stupid, but only now that I found Spudnick's corpse in the 10 year anniversary special. He will be missed... R.I.P. Spudnick.

I will never forgive Tedi for touching the children.

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 16 July 2021

The Containment

  • 1 Day 1
  • 2 Day 13
  • 3 Day 14
  • 4 Day 15
  • 5 Day 16
  • 6 Day 17
  • 7 Day 18

[Start voice recording]

???: Hello, this is Dr. ████████ reporting about this new anomaly that an scorting team from The SCP Foundation has found far away from ███ █████, it looks like a giant USB with the word "Kingston" on the front side, while in the back side have the words "DataTraveler 2GB" , i still don't know what they mean but let me continue, the colors of the USB are mainly White and Green, we used an X-Ray to see if there was something inside and clearly, to our suprise, there was someone inside that USB but we do not have any idea who is this person and why is it inside of the USB, it is now classified as Euclid since we are not sure what or when that person could do if it gets ou…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 10 July 2021


[Meanwhile at the mansion, TherealCloudmain, NESPeon, EverEnd and Guest5285 waiting at the gate of the mansion]

TherealCloudmain: Hey Ultra, are you there?

EverEnd: We heard noises coming from your house.

[UltraHit5 opens the window and shows his head]

UltraHit5: Mind your own business.

[UltraHit5 closes the window]

NESPeon: There is something going on in that house, let's invade it.

Guest5285: Heeey, there is no way i'm going to invade that house.

NESPeon: Why not?

[UltraHit5 opens the window again]

UltraHit5: Also don't even try to invade my house, the security system will activate itself and kill anything that moves, unless if are birds.

[UltraHit5 closes the window again]

Guest5285: See what i mean?

NESPeon: God dammit.

[A few hours later, UltraHit5…

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