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Some Blue Teletubbies can sometime be spotted in SMG4's videos though, their roles are either minor or reduced to cameo. They have yet to be properly introduced given the fact that they were created for SMG4's videos.


In SMG4: Mario waits for pizza, a Blue teletubby is played by SMG4 in the game "Teletubbies Battlegrounds".

In SMG4: The New Smash Bros during the 1 MILLION MAN MELEE gamemode, blue Teletubbies are among the many Teletubbies present to fight against Luigi.

In SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track a blue teletubby is among the many teletubbies present at Bob's place.


  • They are the first Teletubbies whose colors are exclusive to the SMG4 universe.
  • They could be a reference to Baa a Tiddlytubbies in the actual show.
    • Though on the actual show, Baa is a baby and his color is closer to navy blue.
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