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NICE!? YOU THINK THIS WORLD IS NICE!? You are either an asshole or a pushover, a Bob or a Boopkins, and I sure as hell don't want to be a Boopkins!

—Bob revealing his true colors to Fishy Boopkins,SMG4: The Mario Concert

Bob is a character in SMG4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers, introduced in SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play?. He is a Garo (and an apparent wizard as said in his debut) who lived in the sewers of what would become Ganondorf's castle for over 500 years. Later in recent bloopers, he becomes the main antagonist of The Rapper Bob Arc.


Bob's first appearance was in SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play? where he helps Mario and Luigi out of the dungeon and defeats Ganondorf with his terrible singing.

He reappears in "DerpTV: Mushroom Kingdom's Got Talent", where he tells horrible jokes. He reappears again in "SM64: Mario joins the Circus", where he helps Mario do his work at the Circus, though it ends up badly for him.

He then saves Mario from Waluigi, but after he accidentally shoots a baby doll at Donkey Kong, Bob ends up getting mauled. He, alongside Fishy Boopkins, have appeared in many of SMG4's newer videos, and both have a lot of trouble finding friends.

During Mario and the T-Pose Virus, Bob chose to abandon Mario and Luigi to the horde of T-Pose Zombies, which eventually resulted in Mario throwing him off the roof and into the swarm of T-Pose Zombies.

Personality Edit

Bob is not crazy - he's just lonely, and he likes himself more than anybody. Before Mario and Luigi found him, he had not seen anyone in over 500 years.

According to SMG4, Bob isn’t evil - he’s “just an asshole.” He has been shown to be rude, as he once insulted Marie by calling her a “lazy ass sloth.” This angered Marie to the point where she crushed him with a rock. Most bloopers play this for laughs, but the Rapper Bob Arc portrays this seriously.

The Mario Concert shows that he was willing to use Fishy Boopkins to his advantage to get fame. However, this ended up backfiring on him when Boopkins accidentally sabotaged his concert when he managed to get past Mario, who was ordered by Bob to throw him off the stage.

He also has a terrible sense of humor, which resulted in him being crushed by a giant gargoyle once.

He's also shown to be manipulative, As shown in The Rapper Bob Arc were he manipulates his friends into skyrocketing himself to fame, only to lose it once they found out.

It is revealed in SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track, he was only pretended to be the main cast's friend and called them useless because he thought they just made his life miserable, but they only wanted him to become normal.

Bob can be considered as a foil to Waluigi. Both were the main villains their respective arcs. However, whether Waluigi became evil due to rejection, Bob turned to villainy due to his love of fame and fortune.

In SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing, he finally realized that his selfish and greediness was what drove the main cast's resentment towards him. Due to this, he decided to retire from his rapping career to redeem himself and become a better person. This earned him back his friends.


  • Bob is an expert on garbage, as he has a degree in garbology (the study of garbage), mostly because Bob is a professional piece of garbage.
  • From, SMG4: The Smash 5 Trials, Bob had not showered in 24 years. However, people do not complain that he smells bad.
  • Bob's model is a Garo from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
  • Bob's voice comes from the free online text to speech service Acapelagroup, where his voice is labeled as WillFromAfar.
    • This voice is most well known for the phrase "We are in the beam!" which was said in the Update: Invasion in Team Fortress 2.
  • Bob's girlfriend, Bobella-Chan is a trash bag. After claiming she was a better girlfriend than Saiko Bichitaru in SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club, the latter furiously kicked her away although she reappeared in SMG4: Mario's Fancy Dinner.
  • Everyone other than Fishy Boopkins and Tari (from SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing) seems to hate him, including non-human things. For example, at the end of SSENMODNAR DELUXE - 1 MILLION SUB SPECIAL, a tumbleweed refuses to be his friend.
    • However, as of recent videos, people have started to become more accepting of him.
  • There are several trivia related to Hobo Theatre: THE ORIGINS OF BOB:
    • When Bob's stolen computer breaks, Luke Lerdwichagul makes a side comment, "At least I learned Russian." as Bob's persona, suggested that Bob learnt Russian from playing Counter-Strike: Global Offense.
    • Bob is supposedly to have originated as a trash bag that was accidentally put in a toxic waste field by Wario. However, this makes no sense unless Wario was taking out the garbage and that he had time traveled due to Bob being at least 500 years old.
  • Bob appears to be a replacement for SMG69. They both are fans of SMG4 and frequently ask him to be in his bloopers, although SMG69 only once appeared outside of videos involving blooper production. He appeared in SM64: Ssenmodnar 8 (150k Special), where SMG69 asks SMG4 to be in a video before SMG4 throws him into the sun, killing him off. It is possible that this is the reason Bob replaced him.
  • According to (fan-contributed) closed captions, Bob's speaking subtitles use an alternate typesetting of uppercase and lowercase text that represents a mocking tone.
  • In SMG4: Mario's Train Trip, he serves as the main antagonist, which is the first time he appears as an antagonist, with the second time being SMG4: The Mario Concert.
  • As of SMG4: Mario Battle Royale, Bob now has an SM64 Mario model like Fishy Boopkins.
  • In SMG4: The Mario Mafia, Bob said he survived the Vietnam War although he could have just been exaggerating his bravery.
  • Bob‘s voice is sped up slightly in newer videos.
  • Bob‘s dad used to call him “a happy little accident”, suggesting that his dad regretted having him born.
  • According to SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer, Bob is a sore loser.
  • In SMG4: The Mario Carnival, he is revealed to have hair that is the size of a giant.
    • However, the viewer cannot see it, as it is only visible as a shadow. However, Mario and SMG4 are able to see it.
  • Bob is the only character that breaks the fourth wall by asking that if there will be SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2018, until SMG4 said "No, that's coming out later!", foreshadowing the eighth installment of the series.
    • In the same episode, it is revealed that Bob has the ability to teleport, and is omnipresent.
  • He is one of the few recurring characters who did not attend Glitchcon 2018.
  • He has been a T-Pose Zombie, but only for two episodes.
  • Starting with SMG4: The Mario Carnival, Bob often breaks the fourth wall. (Although he first broke the fourth wall in SMG4: Mario goes to DIDNEY WORL.)
  • In SMG4: Mario's Train Trip, he claims that he has a final form, but when pulling the lever to activate it, he just disconnects the train car at the back of the train so that he may have been lying.
  • Starting with SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, Bob's eyes are now more expressive but started having expressions in SMG4: Mario University where he in a picture had angry eyes.
  • In SMG4: The Mario Purge (Halloween 2018), Bob claims that he knows Jiu Jitsu in the military although once again, he could just been exaggerating.
  • In SMG4: Mad Mario Bob is angry at the internet drought because he needs his daily dose of boobies, hinting he watches porn.
  • Unlike most characters on the show, Bob possesses his own theme song. It is an instrumental version of Where the hood at.
  • It is possible that Bob is immune to heat since he was the only one not bothered when his mansion was on fire although as shown in SMG4: The Mario Concert he had planned it out.
  • SMG4: Mario And... The Well has Bob presenting his SoundCloud. The SoundCloud channel, titled BOB THE SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD , is indeed a real channel.
  • In SMG4: Mario and the Bob Mansion..., it is revealed Bob refers Thanksgiving as "Bobsgiving" and Christmas as "Bobmas". This is apparent due to his selfish demeanor and in that instance, as a way to scam as well.
  • He is the second SMG4 character to get their own arc, the first being Waluigi.
    • Coincidentally, both of them were antagonists of their respective arcs.
  • He is also friends with MarioMario54321, Starman3, and OnyxKing67, but it isn't mentioned in the videos.
  • In SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer and SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, Bob refers to Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the Super Smash Bros. series as his father, although Bob is a Garo, a character from the Legend of Zelda franchise, which was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, which would technically make Miyamoto Bob's father, not Sakurai.
    • However, Bob could just be referring to Sakurai as his father because that is what the fans call him.

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