Bob's Mansion was a short-term residence of Bob Bobowski.

In the events of Mario and the Bob Mansion. Bob was able to purchase a mansion due to the money that he got from his rapping career. He invited his friends Mario, SMG4, Tari, Meggy, Bowser, Saiko, and Fishy Boopkins. Unfortunately, due to an accident in the kitchen and the fact that he neglected to put in any real fire extinguishers, the mansion was lit on fire and destroyed, and there was nothing he could do about it.


While we never see the mansion from the outside, we do know that it is a very large mansion full of furniture and artwork styled in the likeness of Bob. The mansion has three front doors, leading to a main room, within this room, is a few statues and other artwork, the most notable of which being a massive figure of Bob sporting a pair of sunglasses. Beyond this is a stairway leading to the other rooms, presumably one of which is the Dining Room.

The Dining Room itself is a large and somewhat narrow room with ornate wallpaper and wood paneling. A long dining table runs down the center. On the back wall is a massive, seemingly photoshoped version of the Mona Lisa with Bob's face added. Some assorted pottery and a small stage can also be found in the back. On one wall is the door to the kitchen. The kitchen itself is small and unadorned, but functional.

Upstairs is a long, unlit hall with many doors, one of which leads to Bob's S P E C I A L Room.

Bob's S P E C I A L room is in fact, his bedroom, the wallpaper is just a series of pictures of Bob against a black empty backdrop, appearing on both the walls and ceiling. The floors are made from wood. A large switchbox is on the wall. A kitchen of sorts is found on one corner, with a sink and desk, attached to the wall are stick it notes and papers. On an elevated part of the room is what appears to be an alter to Bob. Bob's bed is in another corner. Pipes and machinery adorn the other walls.


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