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Bob-omb Buddies are the good variants of Bob-ombs from Super Mario 64. They have no fuses and are pink or red rather than black. In SMG4's videos, they are usually allies, but in some cases they can be bad.

One example is in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Who let the Chomp out? where they set off the plot for the video by launching a Gourmet Guy at Mario and SMG4 in an attempt to get them away from the Chain Chomp's post. It resulted on the Gourmet Guy landing on Mario and Mario knocking it over breaking the stake releasing the Chain Chomp. They also have countless other appearances mainly as allies.




  • In SMG4's older videos, they had more appearances compared to now.
  • They first appeared in the game Super Mario 64, where they prepare cannons for the player.
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