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"You're still an asshole!... but you're OUR asshole!"

—Mario, to Bob in SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing

Bob Bobowski is a major character in the SMG4 series.

He is a homeless and idiotic degenerate and a member of SMG4's Gang, and he's also the best friend of Fishy Boopkins. In his early days, Bob was selfish and secretly aimed to be famous, acted like a showoff, and mentally looked down at his friends. He also acted antagonistic at times, for example during The Rapper Bob Arc, his selfish dreams of fame eventually drove him to become a successful but betraying rapper, orchestrating events that would make him the greatest rapper in the world. However, his old friends managed to steal his popularity and thus abandoned him for some time. Thanks to Waluigi, he redeemed himself and reconciled with his friends, joining them on many adventures.



As revealed in SMG4: Mario Babies, Bob spent his childhood in Canada, where he was picked on by bullies (specifically Wario and Waluigi) for being weak, until his friend Small Smoke taught him to be tough, and gave him his blade hands that scared Wario and Waluigi away.

It was also revealed in SMG4: To Become A God that he was abandoned by his father.

After his time in Canada, he moved to the Mushroom Kingdom as a tramp; in vagrancy until he settled himself in the sewers of Ganondorf's Castle.


Bob debuted in the SMG4 series in SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play?, where he was found by Mario and Luigi and became reluctant friends with them. He defeated Ganon with his terrible singing.

For two years, Bob played the role as a side character who was an outcast and was treated like an annoying punching bag. He always wanted to have a big role in SMG4's videos, to the point where he would constantly beg him. He was also a failed comedian who tried so hard to be funny. Bob is also a narcissist who believed himself to be the sexiest man in the world and wrote a fake autobiography called The Book of Bob. Eventually, he became an official member of SMG4's Gang.

Waluigi's War

In SMG4: Waluigi's Time, Bob showed up at the Wario Bros Residence looking for some sugar so he can finish making his "hash brownies". Waluigi asked Bob if he has a special move, prompting Bob to show off his swordsman skills. Waluigi, seeing his knife had little appeal compared to Bob, threw the knife aside and ran off crying in frustration. Meanwhile, Bob still didn't have sugar.

In SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, upstairs in Peach's Castle, Meggy Spletzer, Bob, and Fishy Boopkins were playing Yu-Gi-Oh! with Meggy thinking they were either playing Go Fish or the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Bob thinking they were playing Poker. Just as Boopkins reiterated that they were playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mario and Luigi broke into the room panicking. They ran all the way to the next room upstairs. Soon after, T-Posers showed up through the door, with both Meggy and Bob confused as to what was going on.

The T-Posers attacked Boopkins. Meggy was worried about him while Bob recorded the whole thing. Soon after, Boopkins became a T-Poser too. Meggy asked Bob to help her defeat the T-Pose Zombies but instead, the Garo went to join the Mario brothers, forcing Meggy to deal with them on her own.

Upstairs, Bob suggested setting the castle on fire but Luigi disagreed because they were their friends. When Mario realized Meggy became a T-Poser, Bob then asked if that was the time to set the castle on fire. Luigi and Mario quickly tried blocking the doors as more T-Posed characters struggled to get through the barricaded doors.

Bob decided to ditch the Mario brothers and headed to the roof, but not before praying for them after Mario complained of him ditching them.

It turned out Bob had barricaded the door to the roof from the outside with random objects. As he commented on his genius plan on how all the girls have no choice but to have babies with him due to being the last male alive, he looked from the roof to realize that several toads, Whomps, Koopa Troopas, Dr. Eggman, Shy Guys, Monty Moles, a Birdo, another character, and SMG3, who were all T-Posed, were waiting downstairs, causing him to realize that he was trapped.

As the Mario Bros. tried to get outside, Bob said they should not bother as he claimed they were too many T-Pose zombies on the roof. Bob, however, wanted them to stop complaining so he could read in peace. Angry, Mario activated his "Fat Powers" to break through the door. When Luigi was turned into a T-Poser, Mario was distraught.

Bob complained that now, the T-Posers were able to get onto the roof and asked how could the world survive if he died. Mario though, furious for Bob's negligence resulting in his brother getting turned, pushed Bob to the edge. Bob said it was a prank and that he still had a lot of girls to love and money to make but Mario was not buying any of that and kicked him down to the ground where all the T-Pose zombies, including another character, were waiting, where Bob's last words were: "Bury me in women!".

In SMG4: The Mario Café, Bob showed up at the Koopa Cafe requesting for the finest hoes and beer. Being a rude customer, Saiko Bichitaru threw him through a wall.

Steve got worn out from dancing and passed out (possibly dying) while Bob was impatient and wanted Steve to dance faster.

In SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer, Bob and Tari were about to begin playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros.. Bob proceeded to taunt Tari saying that girls were bad gamers. When the round started, Bob, who chose Dr. Eggman as his character said she, as a Yoshi in the game, would never defeat him but was proven wrong when she easily knocked out Dr. Eggman, causing the crowd to cheer for her. Tari then smugly left, with Bob saying that he only lost because he went easy on her and wanted a rematch. Bob came over to tell Tari to "Suck a dick."

In SMG4: Mario The Scam Artist, Bob opened his carnival and announced it on TV.

In SMG4: The Mario Carnival, Bob noticed Mario's interest in the Eggman Football and said it was one of the rarest prizes he had to offer. Mario asked how would he even earn tickets and showed all he had: one giant pile of cash which was actually Princess Peach's money.

Naturally, Bob lovingly stared right at the moneybag saying that it would soon be his. Mario suddenly stopped his explanation upon hearing that, which Bob quickly brushed aside what he just said and explained how to earn tickets, which was by playing his rigged games although he quickly corrected himself to say fun before adding that if one was lucky enough, they might even win the carnival's currency, Bob Tickets. Mario was naturally very happy and went to try out the carnival. Once he left, Bob checked his surroundings before deciding to restock. Turned out his prizes were actually garbage, with two notables one being the Majora's Mask from the previous episode and a bunch of bananas. Bob then mentioned that ever since Waluigi went insane and Wario disappeared, he was able to easily scam other people.

As Mario headed inside, he found SMG4 playing at a ring toss booth where the YouTuber was doing poorly and Bob who somehow got there first and when asked, said he was omnipotent, which although Mario agreed, was only because he was just as confused by the answer. SMG4 then requested for 700 more rings, giving a huge pile of money in exchange. Instead of just tossing the rings, he used a machine gun to fire at the bottles. Somehow, he failed with the same results as before, with Bob commenting that he also sucked at shooting.

As SMG4 was raging at over how he kept missing, Mario pointed out there was a fan blowing away all the rings. Upon hearing that, SMG4 angrily asked if it was rigged. Knowing he would get in trouble if he admitted it, Bob decided to pass it off by giving SMG4 10 Bob tickets. Calming down, SMG4 declared that he was one step closer to getting the Dr. Eggman Football. Shocked that SMG4 had also laid his eyes on the prize, Mario said that he laid his eyes on the prize. Seeing they were in a competition, Bob asked if it was SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, which SMG4 replied it was not because it would be coming out later. With that said, the two went off to gather tickets.

Knowing Meggy had a competition with Tari, she quickly shot down the ducks after pressuring Bob to let her play for free and scored more points than Tari. That led to a shoot-off but as they quickly racked up a lot of points, Bob realized if that kept going, he would run out of tickets to give and quickly ramped up the difficulty to "POWER DRIVE", shocking the shooters. Both of them were shocked but Tari, after a while activated her cyborg skills to help her aim, resulting in her earning infinite points.

Soon after, both SMG4 and Mario realized they had enough tickets. They quickly made a run for the prize cabin, only to discover that the tickets needed to buy the Dr. Eggman football was actually 100,000,000 tickets rather than 100,000. As a result, the two started crying on how they would never get the football (even though Bob tried to please them with a plastic toy comb but it did nothing in soothing them), only to see Meggy and Tari with a lot more tickets from playing the duck shooting game a few more times.

Bob then stated that there were enough leftover tickets for a convenient plot-placed rubber ducky. Tari happily bought the rubber ducky and joined Mario, SMG4, and Meggy as they ran out of the carnival.

In SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse, Bob was part of Waluigi's complete set of T-Pose Zombies, which also included Steve, Toad, Nintendofan997, Shy Guy, Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong and Princess Peach.


One day, the Earth was blessed with the sexiest man on Earth. Upon seeing him, they could not bear his sexiness and exploded. Bob then went on to save the world and get all the bitches.

—Bob describing himself with the "Book of Bob", SMG4: Mario Preschool

Bob is a selfish, attention-hogging, foul-mouthed, and sometimes cruel Garo. He loves himself more than anyone and believes he is far more important in the world than anyone else. In fact, he made himself a really long fake autobiography, where he defeats SMG4 (who was apparently the book's main antagonist) and replaced him as the new main character "forever and ever". In both the same book and his Soundcloud account, he believes to be "the sexiest man in the world", and this led to SMG4 to brand him as an "asshole". He also sometimes leaves his friends to die in certain situations (such as The First T-Pose Outbreak) despite their begging, which infuriated Mario, since this led to Luigi becoming into a T-Pose Zombie. This trait can also be his downfall as seen in the Rapper Bob Arc; his inability to be satisfied resulted in him creating the Ultimate Diss Track, which lead to his friends making their own diss track that resulted in him losing his ill-obtained fame.

Despite that though, Bob did genuinely care for his friends until the Rapper Bob Arc, considering the fact he hasn't seen anyone for 500 years and called Boopkins his best friend during the Purge. However, sometime after The Waluigi Arc, he started seeing his friends as morons who only made his life "devastating" and used them to selfishly gain fame. Upon Boopkins accidentally ruining his concert, Bob snapped and angrily revealed that he never truly considered Boopkins nor anyone else his friend, and upon rebuilding his career, he proceeded to humiliate not only Boopkins but all of his friends on Live TV. He also became somewhat petty, as he only made his diss track against his friends simply because he wanted the whole world to know his name. However, after his career was ruined by his former friends, Bob tried and failed to make amends with them, until someone made him realize that his friends were The Most Important Thing To Him. He eventually decided to stop being a selfish narcissist and became friends with Boopkins and the others again, supposedly.

Like Luigi and Tari, Bob is an immense coward who is terrified of death, often begging or bargaining for his life. This trait is shown strongly in SMG4: The Mario Purge; he tried exaggerating his bravery to the Teletubbies who captured him and later his friends to get them to free him, but to no avail.

As revealed in Mario's Challenge and basically every episode he appears in, he has a bad sense of humor that only annoys people, which led to a gargoyle crushing him. The only time people laugh at him is when he is in pain.

SMG4: Smart Mario indicates that Bob is an idiot (being nearly as dumb as, if not dumber than, Mario), even though he is good at both cunning and scheming (most likely showing his machiavellianism).

According to SMG4: Mario Babies, he used to be sociable and was presumably a good student, but after being bullied by Baby Wario and Baby Waluigi, he met Big Smoke (known as Little Smoke back then) who influenced him, causing him to start swearing, take drugs, and ultimately, turned him into the jerk that we all love (and hate) today.

Criminal Record

  • Attempted Bank Robbery: In The Smash 5 Trials, Bob was seen robbing a bank until he was teleported away by Master Hand.
  • Assault: Bob occasionally assaulted people, the most recent example being Mario in The Mario Concert.
  • Holding Hostages: In Trick Or Treat Wars, Bob, fed up with not getting any candy, proceeded to grab a gun and held people hostage, threatening to kill them if they didn't give him any candy. This led to the police arresting him.
  • Extortion: In The Mario Concert, he told Mario and Luigi to be in his luggage but they refused. He then holds a gun, threatening to kill them if they didn't get in.
  • Anime smuggling: He has gotten involved with the smuggling of anime with the Anime Cartel, a criminal organization that smuggles anime into the Mushroom Kingdom following the Anime Crisis, in Mario's Illegal Operation. The charge was likely dropped when Peach lifted the anime ban.
  • Murder: In Mario Preschool, Bob mentions to have murdered someone. (As proved by the quote, “Except for the murders.”) He also killed Goose in Untitled Mario Video.
  • Framing: When a gang of Goombas threatened to shoot Bob for selling rap CDs on their turf, he blamed Melony, who thought their guns were toys, but she was fine in the end thanks to Axol anonymously shooting them from the background.
  • Gangsterism: In SMG4: The Mario Mafia, he participated in Mario's gang to fight Bowser's mafia, though he later betrays them afterwards.
  • Sedition: In SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader, Bob (along with everyone else) opposed Mario's rule and attempted to violently take him down before he was interrupted. As Peach was given back the crown, his charges were dropped.
  • Illegal espionage: Bob at least had an active role in an infiltration mission to Peach's Castle to allow Axol and his friends to meet Princess Peach. His charges were probably dropped when Peach lifted the anime ban.
  • Rioting: This has happened in SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader, where he fought back the authorities with her friends against Mario's rule.
  • Resisting arrest: He was one of the prisoners in SMG4: Mario's Prison Escape, and pulled them off.
  • Conning: He plays the role of a con man who scams his friends for money in SMG4: The Mario Carnival.
  • Impersonation: In the prologue of SMG4: Mario's Bed and Breakfast, he impersonated Meggy Spletzer due to her vacation in Port Aurora (likely causing her drowning in debt).
  • Abuse of power: In The Rapper Bob Arc, he abuses his own power and tricked his friends as a rapper, in order to get worldwide recognition and have more b*tches, until Saiko exposed all of his secrets on SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track.


Bob is a short, pudgy creature with a brown cloak covering most of his body. His face is completely hidden by his hood, revealing only his sea-green eyes. Two blades stick out from his oversized sleeves, which he got from Big Smoke. His cloak has a yellow stripe in the middle with red and black markings on it. Bob uses a modified Majora's Mask Garo model but is rarely if ever referred to as such, usually being described as a living trash bag.

Powers and abilities

Bob has claimed to have many abilities, but several have been proven to be false. However, he's been shown to know a few skills.

  • Skillful Blade Wielding: As someone with blades for "hands", Bob has been shown to be an expert at fighting with his blades, despite his idiotic nature.
  • Various Anime Abilities: Exclusively in SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge, Bob, Fishy Boopkins, and Mario gained anime powers in a few of the challenges. At the end of the episode in the final challenge, Bob uses the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball on Mario, but ends up destroying the upper-half of Peach's Castle, leading Princess Peach to ban anime.
  • Metal Bob: When Mario tried to contain Bob in SMG4: Mario Scratches His Ass by surrounding him with metal boxes in order to claim the legendary ass scratcher for himself, Bob unexpectedly absorbs the metal boxes, turning him into Metal Bob, making him invulnerable to normal attacks.
  • Alternate Weapons: As shown in SMG4 Movie: 10 Years Anniversary Special and SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is okay, Bob can replace his blade arms with guns and drills. It is unknown if he can use other gadgets.
  • Brightness: in the Ssenmodnar he is shown that when his rag was taken off,he can be so shiny that it can cause the whole world to go blind.
  • Rappertrance: With the help of a rap partner, Bob can put his opponent into a kind of trance and even then he can float with his partner himself.
  • Porn Addiction: While not a power in and of itself, when Goku tried to directly challenge Bob's porn addiction to a fight, it was strong enough to KO him and leave him ablaze.


In an attempt to resurrect Greg The Alien in SMG4: The Resurrection, Greg's species turned Bob and his team into Immortals, although it seems that Bob lost those powers after the incident at the altar.

  • Magic: As an Immortal, Bob was turned into an actual wizard, giving him several odd offensive abilities.
  • "Resurrection"(failed): When Bob attempted to bring back Greg by becoming "god-like", it caused a devastating side effect that caused Greg's corpse to go rogue and slowly caused Bob's body to degenerate. After his friends destroyed the altar, he reverted back to his non-Immortal form.


  • Bob seems to have an attraction for Birdo. In an SMG4 Short, Bob has a dream of him and Birdo getting married before waking up. In SMG4: Into the Dark Web, it is shown that he enjoys watching Birdo's live streams and when his head is filled with positive thoughts, she is among them.
  • Bob is an expert on garbage, as he has a degree in garbology (the study of garbage), mostly because Bob is a professional piece of garbage.
  • According to the after-credits sequence of If Mario was in... Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Bob knows that he's a Zelda character.
  • In his first appearances (mostly in 2017), Bob's singing talents were downright awful, to the point where there was a whole challenge dedicated to it in War of the Fat Italians 2017, probably due to his text-to-speech voice. In 2018, however, Bob's talents have apparently improved, as people no longer cringe and get mad while hearing it.
  • He likely swears more than any other character considering he had a challenge where he had to not swear for 10 minutes. Obviously, Bob failed.
  • From The Smash 5 Trials, Bob had not showered in 24 years. However, people do not complain that he smells bad.
  • Bob's species are called Garos from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Apparently, Garos are spirits of ninjas who usually spy on the Ikana Kingdom, which according to a ghost, only the dead roam.
    • This is just speculation, but perhaps this is why Bob is at least 500 years old and would make Bob the only main character to be undead in nature (though if this were the case, how would he have still turned into a T-Pose Zombie despite already being biologically dead in nature is unknown).
    • And due to Garos being ninjas, he is usually seen wearing a Ninja Kirby hat when he's acting like a weeaboo.
  • Bob's voice comes from the free online text to speech service AcapelaGroup, where his voice is labeled as WillFromAfar.
    • This voice is most well known for the phrase "We are in the beam!" which was said in the Update: Invasion in Team Fortress 2.
    • This voice is also the voice for Purple Shep, another character from a well-known Minecraft machinimist ExplodingTNT.
  • Bob's girlfriend, Bobella-Chan is a trash bag. After claiming she was a better girlfriend than Saiko Bichitaru in Doki Doki Mario Club, the latter furiously kicked her away although she reappeared in Mario's Fancy Dinner.
  • In his first appearances, everyone other than Fishy Boopkins and Tari (from The Most Important Thing) seems to hate Bob, including non-human things. For example, at the end of SSENMODNAR DELUXE, a tumbleweed refuses to be his friend.
    • However, as of recent videos, people have started to become more accepting of him.
  • There are several trivia related to Hobo Theatre: THE ORIGINS OF BOB:
    • When Bob's stolen computer breaks, Luke Lerdwichagul makes a side comment, "At least I learned Russian." as Bob's persona, suggested that Bob learned Russian from playing Counter-Strike: Global Offense (or CS: GO).
    • Bob is supposed to have originated as a trash bag that was accidentally put in a toxic waste field by Wario. However, this makes no sense unless Wario was taking out the garbage and that he had time traveled due to Bob being over 500 years old.
  • Bob appears to be a replacement for SMG69. They both are fans of SMG4 and frequently ask him to be in his bloopers, yet SMG4 keeps refusing, although SMG69 only once appeared outside of videos involving blooper production. He appeared in Ssenmodnar 8, where SMG69 asks SMG4 to be in a video before SMG4 throws him into the sun, killing him off. This may be the reason Bob replaced him.
  • According to (fan-contributed) closed captions, Bob's speaking subtitles use alternate typesetting of uppercase and lowercase text that represents a mocking tone.
  • In Mario's Train Trip, he serves as the main antagonist, which is the first time he appears as an antagonist, with the second time being from The Mario Concert to Mario and The Diss Track.
  • As of Mario Battle Royale, Bob now has an SM64 Mario model like Fishy Boopkins.
  • In The Mario Mafia, Bob said he survived the Vietnam War although he could have just been exaggerating his bravery. However, considering he is 500 years old, he could be telling the truth.
  • Bob‘s voice is sped up slightly in newer videos.
  • According to Bob in Stupid Mario Paint, his father used to call him "a happy little accident", suggesting that his dad hated his son and regretted having him born.
  • According to Mario The Ultimate Gamer, Bob is a sore loser.
  • In The Mario Carnival, he is revealed to have hair that is the size of a giant.
    • However, the viewer cannot see it, as it is only visible as a shadow. However, Mario and SMG4 can see it.
    • In the same episode, it is revealed that Bob can teleport, and is omnipresent.
  • He is one of the few recurring characters who did not attend Glitchcon 2018.
  • He has been a T-Pose Zombie, but only for two episodes.
  • In Mario's Train Trip, he claims that he has a final form, but when pulling the lever to activate it, he just disconnects the train car at the back of the train so that he may have been lying.
    • However, Mario and the Anime Challenge suggests that Bob may be more powerful than we think, as in the Goku Scream challenge, he becomes a Super Saiyan 3 (and claimed he was stronger than Shaggy), and during the final anime battle, Bob uses a Kamehameha attack from Dragon Ball, which he states is only 2% of his power.
  • Starting with War Of The Fat Italians 2018, Bob's eyes are now more expressive but they started having expressions back in SMG4: Mario University where in a picture, he had angry eyes.
  • In The Mario Purge, Bob claims that he knows Jiu-Jitsu in the military although once again, he could just be exaggerating.
  • In Mad Mario Bob is angry at the internet drought because he needs his daily dose of dummy thicc memes.
  • Unlike most characters on the show, Bob possesses his own theme song. It is a SiIvaGunner's high-quality rip of the song "Potion Shop" from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • It is possible that Bob is immune to heat since he was the only one not bothered when his mansion was on fire, although as shown in The Mario Concert he had planned it out.
  • SMG4: Mario And... The Well has Bob presenting his SoundCloud. The SoundCloud channel, titled BOB THE SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD, is indeed a real channel. This makes it a second time that a fictional character of SMG4 has a real-life channel, the first being Mario and his channel.
  • In Mario and the Bob Mansion..., it is revealed Bob refers to Thanksgiving as "Bobsgiving" and Christmas as "Bobmas". This is apparent due to his selfish demeanor and in that instance, as a way to scam as well.
  • He is the second SMG4 character to get their own arc, the first being Waluigi.
    • Coincidentally, both of them were antagonists of their respective arcs.
  • In Mario The Ultimate Gamer and War Of The Fat Italians 2018, Bob refers to Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the Super Smash Bros. series as his father, although Bob is a Garo, a character from The Legend of Zelda franchise, which was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, which would technically make Miyamoto Bob's father, not Sakurai.
    • However, Bob could just be referring to Sakurai as his father because that is what the fans call him.
  • Bob had never been seen without his hood.
    • Even in the episode The Mario Carnival, when he takes his hood off, the audience cannot see his head.
    • However it was later revealed in SMG4: SSENMODNAR - 3,826,412 SUB SPECIAL that he is made of extreme light that can cause the whole world to go blind or get their faces burnt due to Bob's brightness explaining why he wears a cloak/hood.
  • Bob contrasts the previous arc villain Waluigi in several ways.
    • While Waluigi is one of the most frightening villains on the show, Bob is not particularly scary or terrifying.
      • However, while Waluigi is sympathetic, Bob is not sympathetic and is rather unlikable.
    • While Waluigi was a threat to the Mushroom Kingdom, Bob wasn't actually a threat to anyone, but was a bully to the people that used to be his friends.
    • Both Bob and Waluigi redeemed themselves, however. Incidentally, Waluigi played a role in Bob's redemption.
  • He and Fishy Boopkins started both The Rapper Bob Arc and The Anime Arc, as he kicked Boopkins into the well in SMG4: Mario And... The Well and destroyed Peach's Castle causing Peach to ban anime in SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge, with Boopkins starting the second part.
  • In every WOTFI Rap Battle he sings in, he uses the Papyrus font, as opposed to the usual SMG4 font.
  • As of SMG4: SMG4 🅴🆇🅿🅰🅽🅳🆂 His Brain, He and Tari are the most frequent members of SMG4's Gang aside from Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 to appear in Season 10.
  • Bob is the second member to be part of the modern version of SMG4's Gang, first modern member being Fishy Boopkins.
  • Being over 500 years old, he is the oldest member of SMG4's Gang.
    • In the Hobo Bros video "Reading the Fan Wiki on Bob", Kevin state they they will probably retcon Bob's age due to continuity problems and state that Bob must have lied.
    • The retcon finally happened when SMG4: Mario Babies was released.
  • In SMG4: The Intruder..., he is supposedly attracted to Watermelon-Kun in Axol's Two Piece, as evidenced by the quote "That watermelon guy gives me a huge boner."
  • In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, he states that nobody knows what he watches because he clears his internet history.
  • In SUNSET PARADISE (Pilot Episode) he is referenced in the tourist commercial for Port Aurora, where he is credited for creating the music.
  • Bob is somewhat similar to SuperMarioLogan's character, Jeffy. Both of them have experience as famous rappers, both of them swear a lot, both are trying to get the "hoes", both being retarded comic relief characters, both annoy the living hell out of a few characters (mainly Mario (SML)), both of them made their debuts in 2016, both of them have obnoxious voices, and both of them are overall retarded. As of 2021, SML has made Jeffy family-friendly to avoid being demonetized, meanwhile Bob can still be able to do all of the inappropriate things.
  • In SMG4: Mario Babies, Bob’s blade hands aren’t actually attached to his body but were given to him by Big Smoke when he was little.
  • Bob's spine, according to himself, has been broken many times. However, it has only been seen broken twice, once in SMG4: Mario VS Siren Head and once in SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader.
  • Bob's personality is quite similar to Bender from Futurama.
  • In 4 arcs, he is to blame for the development of events:
    • The Rapper Bob Arc: Is itself the center of the arc.
    • The Anime Arc: By not listening to Tari not to do an anime technique, he kicked off everything that happens in the anime arc.
    • Genesis Arc: Since he ignored the expired AntiVirus subscription, he unwittingly freed Zero/Niles.
    • Revelations Arc: Bob helped Melony train to control her deity powers, which got her into Omnia Academy and allowed Zero/Niles to manipulate her
    • This sort of implies that Bob is indirectly responsible for Desti and Axol dying.
  • Bobowski is a Polish surname for people who came from Bobowa in Poland. It is unknown whether he is the Polish or Garo creature due to several variations of Bob's biographies.
  • According to Streaming Until I Hit 5̶ ̶m̶i̶l̶l̶ 5,100,000 Subscribers, he is SMG4's stream and tech manager, though this is likely not canon.
  • In Streaming Until I Hit 5̶ ̶m̶i̶l̶l̶ 5,100,000 Subscribers, he says he does not know what SM64 is.

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