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Bob Rap 2 - Bobs No Thot is the second song to be uploaded by Bob Bobowski onto SoundCloud.

In this song, Bob raps on how he does not make songs for the sake of attention.

Any words that are censored is due to Fandom's policy of swearing.


Bob's No Thot, people think I'm ruckus.

But they better stop 'cause Bob's No Thot.

I make songs for attention.

Why y'all giving me this really harsh aggression?

Bob's No Thot, a girl asked " Do you have the time?"

I kicked her in the a** and threw her out 'cause.

Bob's No Thot, all these wannabe rappers acting like hoes

I ain't to cause stray until you cranium blows

Bob's No Thot.

Bob's No Thot.

That's right, remember that Bob's No Thot!

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