Bobs Rap 1 - ITS YA BOI is the first rap to be uploaded onto SoundCloud by Bob.

In this rap, Bob raps about how he is sexy.


Note: Any words censored is due to Fandom's policy on swearing.


Oh s*** b*****s!

It's the king!

You're all ready for this?

(A girls echos out "Yeah!" in the background before laughing.)


She told me Bob the builder cause I screw s*** so tight!

What it means to know your mom or your father on that pipe.

Screw boos.

Keep the motor running gurl.

You know it don't stop.

Now you're listening to me flow.

While your head easy and Bob.

Yes sorry Bob. I was thinking the same thing.

You like the way I kick it. Bumping blu-tack.

We used to eat brownies and play Mario Kart breaking so many lols.

Waking up in the dark.

Holy s*** I'm on fire.

Burning tires on fire.

Now I'm gonna have to end this.

I know you want more.

But now you know I'm sexier than SMG4.


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