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Boopkins and Bob: The New Years Resolution is the fifth and final episode of the Boopkins and Bob series.

This episode is also the final video to be uploaded onto the TheAwesomeMario channel and the final video of 2017. It was aired on December 31, 2017.


Boopkins and Bob come up with New Year's resolutions for each other. They try to resolve them and... things don't turn out so well.


It starts with Fishy Boopkins at Bob's crib discussing with the Garo about a new year of resolution. Boopkins gave him a paper with a resolution where Bob must improve himself while Bob also gave also a paper to Boopkins with the same goal.

Bob's resolution was to be nice to people, so he gave a man some money that he stole before leaving, not noticing that RMKP came to arrest the guy for robbery.

Boopkins read his new year resolution where it said to not eat any more rocks. He noticed a can and drank its content. Liking the taste, he drank many more. Turned out the content was beer and he was naturally drunk.

The two met up again where Bob said he got a restraining order while Boopkins said he had to go for rehab for alcoholics. He wondered if there was a lesson to be learned with Bob saying there was before telling the audience to have a Merry Christmas. When Boopkins tried to correct Bob saying it was no longer Christmas, Bob told him to shut up.



  • Boopkins' audio file appears earlier in the video when Bob gave the money to the guy and at Boopkins' part, there is no audio.


  • This is the shortest episode of the series.
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