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Boopkins and Bob in Gone Fishin' is the 2nd episode of the TheAwesomeMario's series Boopkins and Bob released on August 16, 2017.


Follow Boopkins and Bob on their strange adventures down the river!


The video begins with Bob and Boopkins floating down the river on a raft with the two exclaiming how much fun they are going to have.

The next scene shows Boopkins spotting a group of fish and tries to get close but falls in the water instead and flails around, Bob notices this and tries to help by throwing a rubber duck at him, which fails horribly. He then spots a water safety ring, but grabs a large oven instead, Boopkins then realizes he can swim, before Bob throws the oven at him which knocks Boopkins out.

Bob and Boopkins then spot Mario, Toad and Luigi racing on jet skis and they want to race them, but Bob force Boopkins to paddle, which fails, Boopkins then notices a mushroom and Boopkins grabs it. He then eats it, which results in Boopkins tripping out and Bob dunking him in the water which sends the raft flying through the sky.

The two are next seen floating down the river when Woody suddenly appears and scares the two of them, but then turns their attention to a sign that says: "WOODY'S WATER RESERVE...NO RAFTING" Boopkins apologizes and agrees to leave, but Bob floats out and pees in the water, Woody then pulls a gun on the two of them.

Later, Bob asks where they both are, when they realize that they are about to go over a waterfall. They attempt to stop drop and roll, which does nothing and they fall over the waterfall.

They are next seen in the middle of the ocean, to which Boopkins calls on his father Joe to take him home. Bob then realizes that he is in the middle of the ocean and has no clue how to get home.

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  • This is the 2nd most viewed episode in the whole series and 2nd longest episode (so far).
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