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Boopkins and Bob in SMG4's Missing Laptop is the 1st Episode of the TheAwesomeMario's Series Boopkins and Bob and released in July 26, 2017 on YouTube.


Your favorite two teams up in an epic quest to find SMG4's stolen laptop!


The video starts with a camera zooming in on Peach's Castle with SMG4 shouting excessively "OH S***!" over and over again. as he asks Toad for help to find his missing laptop, but Toad says "I don't care!" and SMG4 leaves calling Toad a total dick. He then asks Peach for help, but Peach shouts at him: "I DON'T GIVE A S***!". He finally asks Mario for help, but he finds him making love to a plate of spaghetti, to which SMG4 faints.

He heads to his office and suddenly Bob comes crashing through the window asking SMG4 why he isn't making videos, SMG4 tells him of the problem and how he can't make videos anymore without the laptop. Bob says that he and his friend can help him (who is revealed to be Fishy Boopkins) and they go and find the laptop.

They begin their search in the streets asking a hobo if he has seen the laptop, but the hobo is crazy and they get nothing from him. The scene then cuts to Boopkins and Bob in a police car with the police radio stating that there has been a case of a stolen laptop that the police are in pursuit of and they go and follow the chase, but they get nowhere as the car is actually broken and the radio could possibly be in their heads.

They are next seen walking down a street to where a flashback play with Boopkins underwater with 6 waifu pillows around him (even though they are all the same).

In the next scene, they give up trying to find the laptop and head their separate ways and then it is revealed that Bob actually had the laptop the entire time, but Boopkins comes back asking for his keys when he sees Bob with the laptop, Boopkins attacks Bob and retrieves the laptop and runs away.

Boopkins manages to get the laptop back to SMG4 and he is excited to have it back, to which Boopkins also reveals that Bob was behind the theft all along, to which he tries to explain himself by saying that "He just wanted to make videos" SMG4 seemingly forgives him until he punches Bob so hard he flies into the sky, with him stating "Touch my stuff again...And I'll kill you" and then thanks Boopkins for helping and gives him a waifu body pillow.

The video ends with Mario asking what is happening, SMG4 tells him that he just got his laptop back, but Mario reveals that he knew Bob had taken it, SMG4 then falls to the ground in shock.

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  • This is the most viewed episode in the whole series and longest episode so far.
  • This is based on SSENMODNAR 12's scene when Boopkins and Bob are doing a parody of Jake Paul's "Everyday Bro".

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