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Well, now it's time for torture!

—Bot, Italian Kidnapping

いくつかの名前, ゲイトロール or simply Bot, is a minor character in the SMG4 series.

He is a Japanese villain who first appeared in Italian Kidnapping, where he was hired by Bowser to kidnap and torture Mario by making him read and watch him eat cake but was defeated by SMG4's Bob-Omb. He later appeared in the blooper Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Operation G.A.Y where he was the boss of Operation G.A.Y, which is the plan to turn the whole world gay and lesbian with clones of Luigi. He made the clones by capturing Luigi. He was gunned down at the end of the episode by MCGustavo but survived. After that, he made a cameo appearance in Mini Italians but was crushed by Gourmet Guy. Later he appeared in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Crystal Funhouse in a nightmare made by The Nightmare Stone, with Crazy Toilet Dude. In SMG4: SMG3's Plan To Destroy SMG4 Cause He Felt Like It, he was resurrected along with other villains.



  •  "ゲイトロール" translates to "GayTroll", while "いくつかの名前" translates to Ikutsu Ka No Namae, which means "some name[s]" or "the name of some".
  • He likes peanut butter (as MCG).
  • A character with his exact color code appeared as one of the Nintendo workers in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Time Travel TellsBarbie's son also uses Bot's color code.
  • Every time he appears, he reintroduces himself with a random Japanese name.
  • Bot seems to be either immortal, deathless, or undead, since he survived an explosion, being executed, and later even eaten, but this generally occurs with the main characters in the bloopers.
  • It is revealed in Italian Kidnapping that he and Bowser met in toilets.
  • Since operation G.A.Y failed, he decided to go back to a plan that he called operation H.O.M.O.

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