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Bot-Boys are minor characters in Meta Runner. They only first appeared in "Wrong Warp". Each Bot-Boy has different appearances when working at a business. They are all voiced by Kevin Lerdwichagul.


A common Bot-Boy has a large metal, spherical head with one eye in the middle. The eye has a blue dot for an iris and an otherwise pitch black sclera. They have what appears to be a bandage on the top of their head according to the Bot-Boy Boutique depiction and two black circles in place of ears.

They have a relatively human upper body besides the head along with rod-like arms and metal hands with three fingers. Their necks seem to be colored differently with the Bot-Boy Boutique depiction having a bright orange neck and the hatted one having a crimson neck. They have two rods for legs, splitting at the knees, and a spring at the bottom. They have what appears to be a light bulb between their legs.

The first Bot-Boy shown is wearing a Fedora and has a crimson neck, but otherwise looks normal. Afro-Bot has his signature brown afro with a comb resting on it's left side. He has brown eyebrows, a taped-on mustache and normally carries around a tablet with him. Ramen-Bot belongs to Lamar and is programmed to make Ramen in their base. He is wearing chef's attire and doesn't have an exterior neck, revealing the Bot-Boys' necks simply being metal rods like their arms and legs.


Bot-Boys are ecstatic and get overexcited about the simplest of things. They generally only have one purpose in existing, reflecting the fact that they are robotic, but they do have emotions, if few. Afro-Bot is determined to get Tari to buy something from the TASCorp. shop, but ultimately fails. He shows genuine excitement to get Tari to purchase something, but exaggerates like someone would on a commercial.


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