Bowsar was a character debuting in Just Like Any Other Day. He was Bowser's identical twin brother, and was killed by Mario during an explosion which he caused.


Bowser introduced Bowsar to Mario after the plumber entered the sole platform in Bowser's Lair. Mario sees Bowsar as he attempts to wake him up, eventually Bowsar wakes up, notices Mario and tells him he's his biggest fan. Despite him saying that, he and Bowser Both tried incinerating Mario but the plumber grabbed Bowsar by his tail and hurled him to one of the mines at the tips of the platform, killing him. Bowsar's cadaver was blown to the other side of the platform. Bowser tried to retaliate but Mario threw him at a bomb as well.


  • Bowsar's death was the first ever official death in the SMG4 series.


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