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I'm gonna smack your bottom so hard!

Ssenmodnar 6.64

Bowser is a fat dragon-like Koopa who is usually Mario's arch-nemesis on the Nintendo universe. In the earlier videos, Bowser was usually one of the main antagonists of the bloopers (besides SMG3), but overtime, he reformed and became Mario's friend, although he has since still had villainous roles. He is the leader and king of the Koopa Troop army. Like Toad, SMG3,Wario, and Waluigi, Bowser has seen a decrease in appearances in the ninth season.


He is one of two main characters in the Cooking With Bowser And Mario series, the other being Mario himself.

His main goals include capturing Peach Toadstool and trying to conquer the world, although his plans almost always failed, and he often needs the help of SMG3.

Bowser has been shown to have used other methods of destroying Mario and SMG4 as well, such as creating 4 Mario robots & giving people nightmares with a crystal stone. Also, he ran a cooking show with Mario on 3 different occasions.

In more recent videos, Bowser is much less evil and behaves similar to (but not in the same extent) Mario and is obsessed with swag.

He once hosted a tech channel, but he eventually got bored with it and decided to make it a tech destruction channel instead, which resulted in it being banned by Youtube.

He was one of the many people infected by the T-Pose Virus that Waluigi created, who was later reverted to normal.


In the earlier episodes, Bowser was similar to his canon counterpart, persistently and repeatedly kidnapping Peach as well as opposing Mario. However, as the blooper series went on, Bowser began to like Mario, and much of his personality appears to influence Bowser, making him act in a rather silly and retarded way. While still trying to kidnap and/or win Peach’s heart, his motivations became much more silly and friendly around most other people, as he’s shown to get along with most people in Peach's Castle.

Like his canon counterpart, he is shown to care for his son Bowser Jr. His New Years' Resolution was to try to be a better father for him. However, he isn’t very good at taking care of his son, as shown when he destroyed the gaming system in rage and neglected Jr. over a bouncy house in SMG4: Stupid Mario World.


As in Nintendo canon, Bowser can breathe fire. He is also apparently a good racer, as he was able to outlast most of the other racers in Stupid Mario Kart. However, he was eventually killed by Mario when Fishy Boopkins spread banana peels across the track and his kart fell on top of him, and later by Link when he blew him into a pit of lava.

Oddly, his player characters in Mushroom and Morons was a medic.

Criminal Record

  • Kidnapping: He has kidnapped Princess Peach countless times. He was also accused of kidnapping children, but he was innocent.


Hqdefault - 复制
  • He can successfully copy Peach and Mario's voice.
  • He hates SMG3 unless it happens that he lives with him.
  • He's rarely the actual antagonist in bloopers, contrary to his true nature in Super Mario 64 and the Mario series in general. One notable exception is in Super Mario Interactive.
  • He is somehow able to fly without using his Koopa Copter.
  • He loves Justin Bieber, just like Toad and Yoshi, but in the blooper "Mario's Guide to Defeating Bowser 2.0", when Justin Bieber's song is played on the radio, Bowser didn't like his music. He shouts "I'm trying D: AHHHH MY EARSS!EFRW."
  • The Adventures of Mario and Luigi mini-series is probably Bowser's biggest role as an antagonist with Bowser's appearance not being until the end of Ep. 2 after the defeat of his son, Bowser Jr., and the downfall of his airship as the "surprise" main antagonist after he takes over Peach's Castle to proclaim it as the new Bowser's Castle.
  • Even though in Super Mario 64 he hates Mario, in SMG4's bloopers, Bowser likes Mario however despite this there are a few instances where he does try to kill Mario like in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: 4 Clones 1 Italian but these instances are kept to a short degree.
  • He has a Justin Bieber cutout, which he makes love to as shown in Ssenmodnar 6.64(100k special Qna Edition).
  • He's in love with Peach, as seen in "Bowser Cyrus - Wrecking Ball" and Mariobusters.
  • According to "SM64: Cooking with Bowser and Mario 2!", he loves melon.
  • He hates Super Mario Twilight and its sequel because he gets sick and vomits as seen in Retarded64: Son of a Bowser.
  • He has been arrested, but this was actually for a crime he didn’t commit, which was kidnapping children.
  • He has been banned twice from YouTube.
  • He loves chicken nuggets more than anything.
  • Bowser appears to be far-sighted, as can be seen in SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing, where he wears reading glasses when playing on his Switch. However, this could just be an easter egg or a mistake.
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