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Bowsur is a bootleg version of Bowser that lives in the Kushroom Mingdom. He was created by Grand Dad to serve as a stand-in for Bowser and serves as the antagonist of the kingdom, much to SMG3's annoyance (as he wants to rule unopposed because he's a weakling who can't fend for himself). Bowsur appears in the episode Retarded64: Boo Busters as a cameo and SMG4: Welcome To The Kushroom Mingdom with a role.


Bowsur, taking the role of the Kushroom Mingdom's version of Bowser, breaks into SMG3's castle while he does his victory dance and announces his presence, wishing to capture the princess. SMG3, shocked at the intrusion, commands his "Toads" to open fire on Bowsur. Bowsur, however, uses his SPICY ability to throw the room into chaos.

SMG3 grabs a broomstick and hits Bowsur with it, and Bowsur's refusal to back down gives Luigi and Mario the perfect opportunity to escape from the castle. SMG3's attempts to stop Bowsur are ultimately futile. Later, as the Mario Bros. are fleeing the kingdom, Bowsur announces his departure from the kingdom, but stops to admire the bootleg Kamek's spell. Bowsur winds up absorbing the spell and becoming giant, and then proceeds to completely destroy the Kushroom Mingdom.

It is unknown what happened to Bowsur following the destruction of the kingdom, though it was possible he looked for more princesses to capture.

Appearance & Personality

Bowsur appears as a blocky crudely-modeled Garry's Mod monstrosity that resembles Bowser, fitting his bootleg nature. Just like the actual Bowser, Bowsur is determined to kidnap princesses, although his kidnapping schemes are not limited to just a single princess.

Despite the princess of the Kushroom Mingdom actually being an old man, he is still attracted to her. However, it is also shown that the Kushroom Mingdom gnomes are also attracted to the princess.



Extreme Durability - Bowsur did not even flinch in reaction to being shot repeatedly by SMG3's Toad Gnomes, demonstrating his resilience.

SPICY - Bowsur's ultimate ability, SPICY, is a more powerful version of Bowser's flame breath. When using SPICY, Bowsur can annihilate an entire armada and the castle they stand in within seconds.


  • Bowsur is voiced by infamous text-to-speech voice Microsoft Sam. The "roflcopter" gag is referenced when Bowsur is using SPICY, as he yells "soisoisoisoi" when spinning around the room. But in SMG4: AREA 64, he is voiced by Luke Lerdwichagul.
  • He was used as a replacement for Bowser in AREA 64 when Bowser got kidnapped so that his disappearance wouldn’t be discovered.
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