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We crusade for the day the God Box is opened and from it's diving packaging, judgement day will descend and finally take us to a new paradise...

Box Club Leader saying the clubs motives, SMG4: Mario Goes To College

The Box Club was a secret organization that appears in SMG4 as the main antagonistic faction of the Revelations Arc.

They are a cult group who wear boxes on their heads, they seek to summon the God Box to achieve unlimited powers, in which SMG1 warned them that doing so would cause inevitable consequences.

Following their leader's and Niles' deaths, the Box Club is disbanded for illegal activities, including kidnapping and demonic rituals with its remaining members forced to clean up the damage from the God Box under the supervision of Chris Gordman and Swagmaster6969696969 as a result, eventually being likely dissolved and permanently disbanded shortly after.



The God Box - the goal of the club

The Box Club were established to summon the God Box, where they could achieve supposedly "unlimited powers", and tasked the new member to kidnap people as sacrifice to commence the ceremony.

SMG4: Mario and The God Box

They were confronted by Super Meme Guardianss and Melony, which SMG1 warned them that summoning the God Box would have unintended consequences for the universe as a whole, causing destruction. They did fight back, but the Meme Guardians and Melony's deity powers managed to defeat them, causing their leader to be banished to the box dimension as punishment.

SMG4: Absolute Betrayal

After the leader managed to escape and the Box Club started believing that Melony was their "messiah", they kidnapped her and captured all of her friends while the members of the club that were memes sacrificed themselves using the Super Meme Guardians so they could open a portal to the Great beyond with the help of a possessed Melony controlled by Niles with the leader joining them to reach the God Box.


Once Box Club leader and Niles reached the God Box, the leader of the club jumped in to obtain absolute power. However, it was too much for him to handle and he was killed from the over-excessive energy of God Box.

Once the God Box was destroyed, the remaining members of the club were forced to clean up the damage it caused by Chris Gordman and Swagmaster6969696969.

Former Members

Temporary Members


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