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Bop beep be be skdoo bep.

—, Boyfriend speaking in Friday Night Funkin'

Boyfriend is a reccuring character in the SMG4 series and Sunset Paradise. He is the protagonist of the Newgrounds rhythm game Friday Night Funkin.


SMG4: If Mario Was In.... Friday Night Funkin

He was facing off Daddy Dearest in a rap battle until Mario accidentally interrupts him, causing him loses the rap battle. After he convinces Mario to help him on getting Girlfriend back, he tells Mario that the only way to save Girlfriend is he has to defeat Daddy Dearest by beating him in a rap battle, so he decides to teach him rapping first. Now that Mario was ready he challenges Daddy Dearest and eventually wins. However, Daddy Dearest refused to lose to him and he summoned his minions to defeat Mario, but Mario recruited a team of his own rappers and defeated them. Finally, after Daddy Dearest becomes powerless and Parappa the Rapper got freed ter Mario and his team won, Boyfriend and Girlfriend hugs now that they were together again, they were about to kiss until Mario interrupted them asking if can they have now the Spaghetti Lovers Club.

If Friday Night Funkin Was 3D - ANIMATION

At some point, Boyfriend made a quick visit to Port Aurora to rap against the Funky Fource so that he could be with Girlfriend, suggesting that this happened before SMG4: If Mario Was In.... Friday Night Funkin. He teamed up with Meggy Spletzer to win.

SMG4: If Mario Was In Friday Night Funkin 2

When Mommy Mearest cursed Mario and his friends to endless Friday Night Funk, Mario went to seek help from the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend to help them beat Mommy's gang in a rap battle to break the curse.

SMG4: The Other Universe

Boyfriend makes an appearance alongside many other Newgrounds character in the Toytoy kingdom. It was revealed that he was still a baby at that time. While helping everyone escape, SMG2 grabs Boyfriend to throw him in the back of his truck.



SMG4 Christmas Special 2021

He's Dancing With A Goomba In Omnia Christmas Show


  • Since he appeared on both SMG4 and Sunset Paradise, it's unknown if it's the same character. A possible explanation is that he met Meggy Spletzer in Sunset Paradise first because he implies that he didn't get to see Girlfriend yet.
    • SMG4 confirmed that they're the same character.[1]
  • Surprisingly, he can impersonate Girlfriend's voice in SMG4: If Mario Was In.... Friday Night Funkin.
    • It may be because they are both voiced by Kawai Sprite.
  • He speaks in "Beeps" rather than actual English. However, he is capable of doing so in the game itself, but chooses not to.
  • Boyfriend is the first character from a video game to make an appearance on the GLITCH channel, if you exclude Meggy's Splatoon origins.


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