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Bully Boss was the boss of the Bullies.


He was half Bully, and half Dr. Eggman's pingas face, which is transparent. He also had bloodshot, gory eyes.


He is one of the only Bullies that doesn't like cookies. He also acts more serious than the ordinary Bullies. He is obsessed with the Pepsi Machine and is seen to be super powerful.


After Mario breaks the Pepsi machine, he engages in a fight with him. After facing the Falcon Hump (parody of Falcon Punch), he is defeated, but not killed. He calls for mercy, which Mario gives. However, he is boiled after being pushed into the lava by accident when Mario was dancing. The rest of the Bullies ran into the lava after they were chasing a giant cookie attached to a helicopter SMG4 was flying.

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