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Captain Toad (also known as the Toad Brigade Captain) is a character that first appeared in R64: Stupid Mario Galaxy.


He first appears putting a flag on the moon, but Mario then knocks him and steals his ship. He returns back at Mushroom Galaxy with a new ship, but drives away when he sees Mario getting chase by angry Toads.

He arrives at the Weegee Planet only to be attacked by the Father of Weegees after Mario injuries one of his Luigi Dolls. Mario states that he wants to go home, but the only way home is to reach the "Speed of Memes". Captain Toad then says that one of them needs to get off in order to reach the Speed of Memes. Captain Toad then sacrifices himself to get Mario back home.

Despite his death in R64: Stupid Mario Galaxy, he appears as one of Ancient Boi students that climb Mount Doom, where Bob steps on him to climb the mountain.

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