SuperMarioGlitchy4's blooper-making "career" began in 2011. His first videos were not on par stylistically with his current work, often tying together weird plotlines with tired "fat" and "your mum" jokes. While these bloopers do show some of the charm and insanity that SMG4's work is known for today – and many well-liked bloopers were made during this first season, mind you – a slightly disappointing number of them aren't really anything special, especially the first few.

The earliest of the 2011 bloopers had background music played over the game's music and sound effects, and used simple outlined text for the subtitles, with each line lasting for three seconds. By the end of the year, SMG4 had begun to use Sony Vegas, as evidenced by picture movements and text presets. This change also allowed for the removal of existing sound effects, allowing background music to play without clashing with existing sounds.

At the beginning, SMG4 didn't appear, and most of the characters were some Mario characters from Super Mario 64, but (a bit) later in the year, some YouTubers such as SMG4 himself, MarioMario54321 and Nintendofan997 started to appear. Later, More YouTubers friends of SMG4 such as EpicYoshiFan, Ruffman8890, MejiaCantilloGustavo, FightingMario54321, AustinDawgyDawg and GageDawg made their debut. Starman3 also debuted on the same year, but didn't appear often until the middle of 2012.

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